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Nursing Terms (MICU)

Terms used for describing assessment and other nursing terms

Abdomen is large and extends outward Protuberant
Abdomen is hard and board like Hard, rigid, distended, tympanic or taut
Abdomen is soft and flabby Relaxed or flaccid
Abdomen appears swollen and rounded Distended or edematous
Abdomen is filled with gas Tympanites, tympanic or flatulent
Abdomen hangs down over pubes Pendulous
Anorexia Loss of appetite
Parorexia Craving for certian foods
From shoulder to elbow Upper arm huerus
From elbow to wrist Lower arm ulna and radius
Upper back Inter-scapular region and shoulder area
Small of back lumbar region
End of spine sacral region, coccyx or coccygeal area
Buttocks gluteal area
Eructation Belching
Epistaxes Nosebleed
Hematuria Blood in urine
Hemoptysis Spitting of blood
Vesicle Blister
Inverted nipple Depressed nipple
Halitosis Unpleasant breath
Fetid Foul breath
Dyspnea Difficult breathing
Apnea Short periods when breathing has stopped
Orthopnea Inaility to breath while laying down
Eupnea Normal breathing
Hyperpnea Rapid breathing
Cheyne-Stokes Increasing dyspnea with periods of apnea
Stertorous laborious and noisy breathing
Semi-conscious only partly conscious
Stuporous Unconscious but can be aroused
Comatose Unconscious and cannot be aroused
Tonic tremor, palsy Continous shaking
Clonic tremor Shaking with intervals of rest
Aura Subjective sensation
Expectorate Expulsion of mucus or phlegm from throat or lungs.
Coryza Watery drainage from nose
Purulent Containing pus
Sanguineous Bloody
Serous Consists of lymphatic fluid
Tenacios Tough or sticky
Lochia From vagina (after labor)
Sero-Sanguineous Bloody & Lymphtic
Cerumen Wax in ears
Emetic Agent given to produce emesis
Jaundice Yellow in color
Ptosis of lids Drooping eyelids
Photophobia Unusually sensative to light
Diplopia Double vision
Strabismus Cross eye or squinting
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