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STNA personal care

Terms used when providing personal care of pt

Partial Dentures Removable teeth that replace a few teeth on top or bottom.
Full Dentures Removable teeth that replace all the teeth on top or bottom.
Edentulous Pt missing all their teeth.
Tooth Decay (caries) Cavities in the teeth
Halitosis Bad breath
Gingivitis Infected gums around the teeth.
Periodontitis Infection in the bones that hold teeth in place.
Complete bath pt doesn’t leave bed & entire body is washed by STNA.
Shower Pt placed in shower chair & STNA may do all or part of washing.
Whirlpool bath Tub-type bath used for pts with wounds.
Bag bath Uses washcloths & no rinse soap to clean pt
LTCF partial bath Done on days when pt is not showered and only part of the pt is washed – face, hands, armpits, peri-area.
Hospital partial bath Pt washes part of their body and STNA washes the rest.
State Test partial bath Face/neck & hand/arm/armpit are washed by STNA
AM/morning care Includes: daily washing of face, hands, underarms, & peri-area.
PM/evening care Done before bedtime & is the same as AM care.
PRN care Washing what needs to be cleaned on an as needed basis.
Peri-care Washing private parts only.
Catheter care Washing around the catheter to prevent odor & infection.
Skin problems to report to nurse Rashes, bruises, open areas, bleeding, blue areas, yellow color, swelling, hair loss
Hair problems to report to nurse Scalp is yellow, crusty, red, itching, flaking, has new bald patches. Hair smells foul, is matted, tangled.
Nail problems to report to nurse Nails are blue, pale, bruised, ingrown, too short/long, thick, yellow or white. Cuticles are injured or skin around nail looks red or infected.
Mouth problems to report to nurse Abnormal skin conditions. Teeth appear loose, black, chipped, cracked. Fruity breath or abnormal breath after mouth is clean. Any c/o pain or discomfort.
Denture problems to report to nurse Chips, cracks, broken areas, missing entire denture
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