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Cultural Diversity

Who is most at risk for heart attack and high blood pressure ? African American Men are 30% more likely to die from heart attack, 40% more likely to have HTN
Who is most likely to be obese ? Non Hispanic black women >20 years old are more likely to be obese than mexican americans who are more likely to be obese than white women.
Does Racism play a role in health care Depends. Eg. Tuskegee/Guatemala STI infections
What role does race play in pregnancy outcomes? African American women, no matter SES are less likely to have poor outcomes
Definition: Bicultural Identifying with two cultural groups
Definition: Multicultural mutiple cultures influencing a person, community or society
Definition: Ethnocentrism belief that one's own group is superior
Key Cultural Characteristics of American Health Care System biomedical, value on technology, desire to conquer disease, health=absence of disease, adherence to ethical standards
Ideas r/t Cultural Competency Culture is learned; understanding cultural commonalities/diversiitys is imperative to competent cultural care, cultural competency is a process; evlolving over time.
Barriers to culturally competent care lack of knowledge, emotional responses, ethnocentrism, cutlrual sterotpes, prejudice, discrimination, racism, sexism, language barriers, slang
Cultural Competent L.I.V.E L=Like, I= Inquire, V=Visit, E=Experience
Cultural Competent L.E.A.R.N L=Listen, E=Evaluate, A=Acknowledge, R=Recommend, N=Negotiate
B.A.L.I acronym B-be aware of cultural heritage A- appreacite uniqueness of patient L- learn about patient's cltural group I-Icorproate beliefs into careplan
Created by: MEPN 2013