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bartending drinks

list of 200+ of the most common cocktails, and drinks

Black Russian Vodka Kahlua
white Russian Vodka Kahlua splash of Cream
Kahlua and Cream (sombraro) Kahlua splash of cream
Toasted almond Amaretto Kahlua splash of Cream
Gimlet Gin splash of Lime
Vodka Gimlet Vodka Splash of lime
Kamikaze Vodka Triple sec Splash of lime
Rusty nail Scotch Drambuie
Godfather scotch Amaretto
Godmother vodka Amaretto
stinger Brandy white creme de methe
Old fashion dash of bitters bar spoon of sugar whiskey or bourbon splash of soda
codorado bulldog vodka kahlua splash of cream splash of coke
Incredible hulk hennessy hpnotia
French connection cognac grand marnier
caipirinha 4-5 wedges of lime teaspoon of sugar premium rum
amaretto sour amaretto sour mix Flag
whiskey sour whiskey sour Flag
Stone sour Whiskey sour orange juice Flag
Rum sour Lite rum sour Flag
Daiquiri Lite rum sour lime wedge
Bacardi cocktail Bacardi lite rum Grenadie sour
Margarita Tequila Triple sec lime juice soure mix salt rim + lime wedge
Blue Margarita Tequila Blue curacao lime juice sour mix salt rim + lime wedge
golden margarita cuervu gold tequila Grand mariner lime juice sour mix salt rim + lime wedge
1800 magarita cuervo 1800 grand marnier lime juice sour mix salt rim + lime wedge
Tom Collins Gin sour mix soda
John Collins whiskey sour mix soda Flag
Sloe Gin Fizz Sloe gin sour mix soda cherry
lynechburg lemonade Jack daniels triple sec sour mix soda lemon wedge
Blue hawaiian lite rum blue curacao pinapple juice soda
sex on the beach chambunl vodka peach schnapps orange juice cranberry juice flag
Bahama mama lite rum coconut rum creme de banana grenadine orange juice pinapple juice pinapple wedge
Rum runner lite rum blackberry brandy creme de banana grenadine orange juice pinapple juice 151 rum pinapple juice
mai tai lite rum triple sec creme de almond grenadine sour mix flag
57 t-bird with florida plates Grand marnier amaretto stolichnaya vodka orange juice
Hurricane dark rum lite rum grenadine sour mix orange juice 151 rum
Long island ice tea Gin vodka rum tequila triple sec sour mix splash of coke
Electruc lemononade gin vodka rum tequila triple sec sour soda
miami ice gin vodka rum tequila blue curacao fill sour mix splash soda or 7-up
long beach tea gin vodka rum tequila triple sec sour mix cranberry juice splash soda or 7-up
Frozen strawberry daiquiri lite rum strawberry daiquiri mix sour mix ice sugar rim + whip cream
Frozen pina colada lite rum pina colada mix ice pinapple juice + whip cream
kool aid midori amaretto cranberry juice flag
singapore sling gin sour mix grenadine soda cherry brandy
zombie dark rum lite rum triple sec creme de almond sour mix orange juice soda 151 rum flag
purple haze (grateful dead) gin vodka rum triple sec tequila sour mix raspberry liqueur lemon
Mojito 3-4 mint leaves bar spoon if sugar lime wedge rum soda
Tokyo tea vodka gin rum tequila triple sec sour mix midori lemon
Georgia iced tea vodka gin rum tequila peach schnapps sour mix coke
martini 8 drops of dry vermoth gin 3 olives
Dry Martini 3-4 drops dry vermoth Gin 3 olives
Extra dry martini 1-2 drops dry vermoth gin 3 olives
desert dry martini no vermoth gin 3 olives
gibson 8 drops dry vermoth gin onions
traditional manhattan dash of bitters cherry muddle dash of sweet vermoth whiskey or burbon
Manhattan 6-8 drops sweet vermoth whiskey or burbon cherry
dry manhattan 3-4 drops sweet vermoth whiskey or burbon lemon twist
perfect manhattan 8 drops sweet vermoth 8 drops dry vermoth whiskey or burbon lemon twist
Rob roy 8 drops sweet vermoth scotch cherry
dry rob roy 3-4 drops dry vermoth scotch
perfect rob roy 8 drops dry vermoth 8 drops sweet vermoth scotch lemon twist
cosmopolitan vodka cointeau splash lime juice splash cranberry juice lime wedge
french martini gray goose vodka dash of chambord pineapple juice
peach martini peach schnaps amaretto splash sour mix splash cranberry juice
negroni sweet vermoth campari (bitters) gin
chocolate martini vodka chocolae liqueur kiss or chocolate swirl
lemon drop martini 1 bar spoon of sugar 3 squeeze of lemon vodka splash sour mix sugar rum + lemonwedge
apple martini vodka sour apple schnapps apple wedge or cherry
dirty martini 8 drops dry vermoth 2 bar spoon olive juice vodka or gin 3 olives
pama martini vodka pama pomegranete liquer splash cranberry juice splash sour mix
champagne cocktail bar spoon of sugar dash of bitters muddle fill with champagne lemon twist
mimosa champagne orange juice
spritzer white wine soda
wine cooler red wine 7-up
bellini peach schnapps champagne
kip royale chambord fill with champagne
kip creme de cassic fill with white wine lemon
midori sour midori sour flag
sidecar brandy triple sec sour mix sugar rim, flag
frozen strawberry margarita tequila triple sec sour mix strawberry magarita mix sugar rim + lime wedge
HighBall whiskey gingerale
whiskey and water whiskey water
7 and 7 seagrams seven 7-up
scotch + soda schoch soda lemon twist
dewar's + soda dewar's scotch soda lemon twist
bourbon + coke bourbon coke
rum + coke rum coke
Bacardi + coke bacardi coke
gin + tonic Gin tonic water
vodka + tonic water vodka tonic water lime wedge
screwdriver vodka orange juice
gray hound vodka grapefruit
salty dog vodka grapefruit salt rim
bloody mary vodka bloody mary mix
cape codder vodka cranberry lime wedge
sloe screw sloe gin orange juice
sloe comfortable screw sloe gin southern comfort orange juice
sea breeze vodka cranberry juice grapefruit juice
Bay breeze vodka cranberry juice pineapple juice
harvey wallbanger vodka orange juice galliano
fuzzy naval peach schnapps orange juice
harry navle vodka peach schnapps orange juice
tequila sunrise tequial orange juice granadine
cuba libre lite rum coke lime wedge
gin rickey gin soda lime wedge
madras vodka cranberry juice orange juice
boccie ball amaretto orange juice
scarlet O'Hara southern comfort cranberry juice lime juice
presbyterian whiskey gingeral soda
washington apple crown royal sour apple cranberry juice
hollywood vodka chambord cranberry juice
blond headed sluts jagermister peach schnapps pineapple
red headed sluts jagermister peach schnapps splash cranberry juice
pineapple upside down cake vanilla vodka splash of pineapple grenadine
red snapper amaretto crown royal cranberry juice
oatmeal cookie butter schoctch schnapps bailey's irish cream jagermister firewater (cinnamon schnapps)
jolly rancher vodka midori splash cranberry juice splash of sour mix
lemon drop 1 bar spoon of sugar 3 squeezes of lemon vodka splash of sour mix
russian quaalude stolichanaya vodka bailey's irish cream kahlua frangelico
alabama slammer southern confort amaretto sloe gin splash of orange juice
flaming doctor pepper 3/4 mug of beer in shoot: amaretto 151 rum
three wise men rumplemizer jagermeister 151 rum
mind eraser vodka kahlua splash of soda
orgasm amaretto kahlua bailey's irish cream
snow shoe shooter wild turkey 101 peppermint schnapps
snakebite shooter yukon jak splash of lime juice
sex with an alligator midori raspberry liqueur jagermiser splash of sour mix
silk panties vodka peach schnapps
woo woo shooters vodka peach schnapps splash of cranberry
sex on the beach peach schnapps chambonl vodka splash of cranberry juice splash of orange juice
melon ball shooter melon liquerur vodka splash of orange juice splash of pineapple juice
purple hooter shooter vodka raspberry liquer splash of sour sweet
brain strawberry schnapps bailey's irish cream
slippery nipple peppermint schnapps bailey's irish cream
buttery nipple butter scotch schnapps bailey's irish cream
surfer on acid jagermister mailbu rum pineapple juice
irish car bomb 3/4 mug of guinness beer shot glass: irish whiskey baileys irish cream
jager bomb 1/2 mug of red bull shot glass: jagermister
blue kamikaze shooter vodka blue curacao splash lime juice
kamikaze shooter vodka triple sec lime juice
B-53 kahlua amaretto bailey's
B-52 kahlua bailey's grand marnier
b-51 kahlua bailie's irish cream 151 rum
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