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STNA safety

Safety Issues

Ways to identify Pt Use ID bracelet, Picture, or Ask someone that knows pt
PPE Personal Protective Equipment includes gloves, masks, gowns, goggles
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet. Contains information about chemicals found in a facility to allow for safe use of chemical
Body Mechanics Efficient and safe use of body when you move
Body Alignment Positioning the body so spine is straight and not crooked/twisted
Ergonomics science of designing equipment & work tasks to suit a worker's abilities
RACE Rescue-Alarm-Contain-Extinguish
PASS Pull-Aim-Squeeze-Sweep
Three parts needed for fire Heat-Fuel-Oxygen
Abdominal Thrust Technique used to treat choking
Types of Fire Extinguishers A - Ashes/wood, paper, cloth B - Baking Soda/Flammable Oils & Liquids C - Current/Electrical ABC - All fires
Oxygen Concentrator Changes air in room into air with more oxygen
Biohazard Bag Red bag labelled with Biohazard logo. Used for waste contaminated with body fluids, including blood.
Sharps Container Plastic OSHA-approved container used for disposal of needles, glass or other objects that could cut you.
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