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Minna noNihongo I L3

Minna no Nihongo I Lesson3

そこ [そこ] there, that place near you
あそこ [あそこ] that place over there
どこ [どこ] where, what place?
こちら [こちら] this way, this place (polite)
そちら [そちら] that way, that place near you (polite)
あちら [あちら] that way, that place over there (polite)
どちら [どちら] which way, where (polite)
教室 [きょうしつ] classroom
食堂 [しょくどう] dining hall, canteen
事務所 [じむしょ] office
会議室 [かいぎしつ] conference room, assembly room
受付 [うけつけ] reception desk
ロビー [ロビー] lobby
部屋 [へや] room
トイレ [トイレ] toilet, restroom
お手洗い [おてあらい] toilet, restroom
階段 [かいだん] staircase
エレベーター [エレベーター] elevator, lift
エスカレーター [エスカレーター] escalator
[くに] country
会社 [かいしゃ] company
うち [うち] house, home
電話 [でんわ] telephone, telephone call
[くつ] shoes
ネクタイ [ネクタイ] necktie
ワイン [ワイン] wine
たばこ [たばこ] tobacco, cigarette
売り場 [うりば] department, counter (in a department store)
地下 [ちか] basement
~階 [~かい] ~th floor
何階 [なんがい] what floor
~円 [~えん] yen
いくら [いくら] how much
[ひゃく] hundred
[せん] thousand
[まん] ten thousand
すみません [すみません] Excuse me
~でございます [~でございます] (polite form of "desu")
~を見せてください [~をみせてください] Please show me ~
じゃ [じゃ] well, then, in that case
~をください [~をください] Give me ~, please.
ここ [ここ] here, this place
Created by: Moo14