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a - father
i - eat
u - boot
e - hen
o - open
ka - come
ki - key
ku - cool
ke - cake
co - coke
sa - salt
shi - she
su - sue
se - second
so - son
ta - talk
chi - cheek
tsu - sue
te - tell
to - toe
na - none
ni - knee
nu - new
ne - neck
no - no
ha - hop
hi - he
fu - who
he - hey
ho - hoe
ma - mom
mi - me
mu - moo
me - met
mo - more
ya - yacht
yu - you
yo - yo
ra - rotten
ri - read
ru - rude
re - red
ro - row
wa - water
o - oh
n - in
ga- god
ぎゃ gya
ぎゅ gyu
ぎょ gyo
za - pizza
ji - jeap
zu - zoo
ze -
zo - zodiac
じゃ ja
じゅ ju
じょ jo
da - dot
ji - jeap
zu - zoo
de - dead
do - dow
じゃ (ja)
じゅ (ju)
じょ (jo)
ba - bob
bi - bee
bu - boo
be - bed
bo - bow
びゃ bya
びゅ byu
びょ byo
pa - papa
pi - pea
pu - poop
pe - pet
po - police
ぴゃ pya
ぴゅ pyu
ぴょ pyo
Created by: okanehanani
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