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OB Acronyms Handout

AROM Artificial Rupture of Membranes
AMA Advanced Maternal Age (35)
HELLP Hemolysis Elevated Liver Low Platelet (indicates mom is very sick)
SGA Small for Gestational Age
GBS Group B Strep
PTL Preterm Labor
MagSO4 Magnesium Sulfate
PIH Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
IUGR Inter-Uterine Growth Restriction
DIC Disseminated Inter-vascular Coagulation
GD Gestation Diabetes
BPP Bio-Physical Profile
PROM Premature Ruptured Membrane
FHR Fetal Heart rate Monitor
LBW Low Birth Weight
IUFD Inter-Uterine Fetal Demise (still born)
LGA Large for Gestational Age
LOA Left Occipital Anterior
NST Non-Stress Test
PPH Post Partum Hemorrhage
SROM Spontaneous Rupture of Membranes
NICU Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit
UC Uterine Contraction
Reflective phase during the first day PP Taking-in phase
A mother looks directly into her newborn's eyes En face position
When a newborn stays in the mother's room, rather than a nursery Rooming-in
Placental site is sealed and the uterus reduces to pre-pregnancy size Uterine involution
Rating to assess cervical ripeness Bishop score
Pink or brown discharge at day 3-10 post delivery Lochia serosa
Cramps caused by contracting of the uterus after birth Afterpains
Infection of the breast that can appear, especially while nursing Mastitis
Uterus lacks tone and becomes relaxed thereby increasing blood loss Uterine atony
Use of forceps/vacuum t assist with delivery Operative
Blood loss of >500 mls within the first 24 hours of birth Post partum hemorrhage
Lacerations that involve the perineum to the anal sphincter Fourth degree laceration
Painful fullness of breast about 3-4 days post delivery Engorgement
Red discharge from birth to day 4 Lochia rubra
Progressive cervical change True labor
Created by: MEPN 2013