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Mandarin Pinyin

Initials and finials

a like a in father
o like aw saw
e like e in her
i like ee in see
u like oe in shoe
ü like eu in pneumonia
ia like yah
ie like ye in yes
er like er in sister
ai like y in sky (or light)
ei like ay in day
ou like owe
an like an in man
ing like ng in English
j like jee in jeep
q like chee in cheese
x like shee in sheep
z like ds in cards
c like ts in cats
zh like j in jelly
ch like ch in march (tongue curled back a little)
r like r in road
b boy
p pen
m moon
f fog
d dog
t tiger
n net
l let
g girl
k king
h hi
s six
ua uo
ai uai
ei ui
ao iao
ou iu
an ian
uan üan
en in
un ün
ang iang
ang uang
eng ueng
in ing
ong iong
ü üe
Created by: GraceLee