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Japanese verbs

Japanese verbs in Romanji and English by Patrick Picotin

Eat Tabemas
Drink Nomimas
Buy Kaimas
Write Kakimas
Listen Kikimas
Watch Mimas
Read Yomimas
Get up Okimas
Go to Bed Nemas
Study Benkyoshimas
Talking Hanashimas
Swim Oyogimas
Cooking Ryori shimas
Open Akemas
Meet Aimas
Go Ikimas
Go home Kaerimas
Come Kimas
Walking dog Sanpo Shimas
Taking a break Yasumimas
Enter Hairimas
There is a Alimas
Send Okurimas
Teach Oshiemas
Lend Kashimas
Borrow Kalimas
Talking Hanashimas
Put on clothes Kimas
Take picture Torimas
Make presentation Happyo o shimas
Play Osobimas
Use Tsukaimas
Wash Araimas
Return Kaeshimas
Take Shower Abimas
Get on Norimas
Get off Orimas
Turn off and erase Keshimas
Die Shinimas
Wait Machimas
Show Misemas
Rush Isogimas
Put in Iremas
Cut Kirimas
Carry Hakobimas
Bring Mottekimas
Created by: Patrick Picotin