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简体 第二课生词 - 意思

原始 primitive
surround; encircle; enclose
be fill; full
树叶 leaf
生肉 raw meat
生病 get ill; sick
神农 the Chinese agriculture god
五谷 five cereals; grains
播种 sow seeds
耕田 farming
治病 treatment; to cure illness
草药 herbs
all over; times (measure word)
山山水水 mountains and rivers (idiom)
各种各样 various; a variety of (idiom)
尝试 try; attempt
sour; tart
发热 feel warm; have a fever
清凉 feel cool
有毒 poisonous
肚子 belly
透明 transparent
颜色 color
辛苦 hard; work hard
taste; experience
already; ever; once
中毒 poisoning
break; cut off; stop
厉害 powerful
来不及 too late
解毒 detoxification
造福于 the benefit of
永远 forever
纪念 commemorate
Created by: yinglee