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paramedic drugs 2012


Epinephrine (1:10,000) dose (cardiac) 1mg/10ml IVP (every 3-5 min)prn
Dopamine-dose beta 2-10mcg/kg-Alpha/10-20 mcg/kg-Infusion-200,400,800 mcg in 250-500cc -start @2-5 beta & 10-15 alpha
Norepinephrine-dose 0.5-30 mcg/min- infusion 4mg/250cc D5NS,start @0.5-1mg/min
Vasopressin-dose 40 units IVP
Propranolol (inderal)-dose 1-3 mg SIVP- SD 1-3
Metoprolol (lopressor)-dose 5 mg IVP-repeat in 5 min -TD 15 mg
Atenolol (tenormin)-dose 5mg over 5 min -repeat in 10 min-TD 10mg
Lidocaine-dose 1-1.5 mg/kg IVP-SD 0.5-0.75mg.kg-TD 3mg/kg-Infusion 1-2gm/250-500cc (dose range) 1-4mg/min
Procainamide-(Pronestyl)dose 20-50 mg SIVP over 1 min-TD 17mg/kg-Infusion-1-2gm/250 or 500cc/range 1-4 mg/min
Amiodarone(cordarone)-dose Dead:300mg SIVP(over 3-5 min)/Alive:150/100cc (over 10min)-SD 150mg dead repeat 3-5,alive repeat 10 min
Magnesium Sulfate(cardiac)-dose 1-2gm SIVP in 2-4ml of D5w over 1-2min
Adenosine (adenocard)-dose 6mg RIVP,SD- 12mg (after 1-2mins)-TD 18mg
Calcium Chloride-Dose 8-16 mg/kg SIVP in (5-10cc)-SD-repeat in 10 prn
Verapimil (isoptin)-dose 2.5-5mg SIVP-SD-5-10mg SIVP Prn;-TD 20mg
Diltiazem (cartizem)-dose 0.25 mg/kg SIVP over (2min)-SD-0.35mg/kg in 15min-Maintenance dose 5-15mg/hr
Atropine-dose 0.5 mg IVP-repeat every 3-5 min-TD 3mg
Digoxin (lanoxin)-dose 4-6 mcg/kg SIVP over(5min)-SD-2-3 mcg/kg
Aspirin-Dose Pain:325-650mg/ MI:160-325mg
Retaplase-dose 10 units SIVP
Sodium Bicarbonate -Dose 1 mEq/kg IVP-SD-repeat 10min 0.5 mEq/kg
Morphine-dose Non STEMI:1-5mgSIVP/Stemi:2-4mg SIVP repeat 5-15 min or 5-20mgIM
Fentanyl-dose 0.05-0.10 mg SIVP every (1-2)hr prn
Nitrous Oxide-dose 50:50
Furosemide(lasix)-dose 20-40 mg SIVP over (1-2 min)-repeat 1-2hr Prn
Nitroglycerin-dose 0.4mg up to 3 max 5min apart
Labetalol-dose 10mg SIVP-TD 150mg- infusion 2-8mg/min-max 300mg
Albuterol(proventil)-dose 1-2 sprays or 2.5 mg in 3 ml of NS
Epinephrine (1:1000)-dose 0.3-0.5mg IM or SQevery 15-20 prn-Infusions:1-2mg/250 or 500cc:Beta 1-(2-5ug/min)-Alpha1-(2-10mcg/min)
Methypredisolone(solumedrol)-dose 40-125 IM/IV
Dexamethasone (decadron)-dose 4-24 mg/IV
Racemic Epinephrine-dose 2-3 inhalations or 5ml in 5ml of saline
50% Dextrose-dose 12.5-25gm SIVP in 25-50cc
Thiamine-dose 100mg IVP or 50mg/IM
Glucagon-dose 0.5 mg-1mg IM
Diazepam-(VALIUM) dose 5-10 mg SIVP over (2min)SD-repeat prn
Magnesium Sulfate (non cardiac)-dose 1-4gm/10cc- infusion 4-5 gm/250 cc
Activated Charcoal-dose 1-2 gm/kg
Benadryl(diphenhydramine)-dose 25-50mg IM/SQ
Narcan(Naloxone)-dose 0.4-2mg SIVP
Promethazine(Phenergan)-dose 12.5-25 mg IV or deep IM
Created by: rebeccabelleth