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Science TestWK10

What does a Structural Adaptation refer to? a structural adaptation refers to the shape and size of an organism.
What does a functional adaptation refer to? a functional adaptation refers to the working of an organisms body.
what does a behavioural adaptation refer to? a behavioural adaptation refers to how the organism behaves.
What is an ecosystem? A system of relationships between living things and their interactions with non-living things.
what is a biological factor? give an example as well. a biological factor describes all the living things that interact with organisms such as food, predators, competitors or disease.
what is a physical factor? give an example as well. a physical factor describes all the non-living things that effects an organism for example weather, light, the availability of air and water, soil fertility and humidity.
What is natural selection? natural selection is when an organism with favourable characteristics suited to a particular habitat will survive better than the organism with the non-favourable characteristics.
what are some of the physical factors which affect the survival of organisms living in water? - the amounts of dissolved gases in water - water temperature - light - currents and waves - the buoyancy effect of water
does the amount of dissolved oxygen in water decrease or increase when the temperature of water gets hotter? Decrease
for organisms to survive on land what do they need? -Lungs or other structures for obtaining oxygen - a strong supporting skeleton - methods for obtaining water and avoiding excess water loss. - ways to keep warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.
Created by: Acaruso