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Latin 3 Test Vocab

Vocab from Unit 2

atrium, -i n. atrium, hall
balneum, -i n. bath
exitus, -us m. outcome, departure
mulier, mulieris f. woman, wife
silentium, -i n. silence
dignus, -a, -um worthy
nonus, -a, -um ninth
cano, -ere, cecini, cantus sing (about), tell
constituo, -ere, -stitui, , -stitutus deteremine, decide
perturbo, 1 disturb, throuw into confusion
interum again
hospes, hospitis m. host, guest, guest-friend
palus, paludis f. swamp
decimus, -a, -um tenth
octavus, -a, -um eighth
quartus, -a, -um fourth
septimus, -a, -um sixth
descendo, -ere, descendi, descensus descend
fleo, flere, flevi, fletus weep (for)
ne (so) that...not, lest
ut (in order) that, so that
aedificium, -i n. building
gubernator, -oris m. pilot, helmsman
iuvenis, -is m. young man
mora, -ae f. delay
tempestas, tatis f. storm
amplus, -a, -um great, magnificent
angustus, -a, -um narrow
maturus, -a, -um early, quick, ripe
sordidus, -a, -um dirty, disreputable
adhaereo, -ere, haesi, haesus stick (to), cling (to)
eicio, -ere, eieci, eiectus throw out
veho, -ere, vexi, vectus carry
deinde then, thereafter
enim (never the first word in a sentence) for
mercator, -oris m. merchant
oculus, -i m. eye
portus, -us m. harbor, port
editus, -a, -um elevated
colligo,-ere, -legi, -lectus collect
doleo, -ere, dolui, doliturus grieve
excipio, -ere, -cepi, -ceptus receive
fero, ferre, tuli, latus carry, bear, bring
rumpo, -ere, rupi, ruptus break
recte rightly
namque for
posteaquam after
somnus, -i m. sleep
peritus, -a, -um skilled
posterus, -a, -um following
tantus, -a, -um so great
perterreo, -ere, terrui, -territus scare thoroughly, alarm
prehendo, -ere, -hendi, -hensus grasp, seize
rideo, ridere, risi, risus laugh (at)
volvo, -ere, volvi,, volutus roll, turn over
ita so, in such a way, thus
saepe often
satis enough
tam so, such (with adjectives and adverbs)
cliens, -entis m. client
maiores, -um m. pl. ancestors
opera, -ae f. work, effort
quies, -etis f. rest
aeger, -ra, -rum sick
tot so many (indeclinable)
endo, -ere, edidi, editus give out, publish, utter, inflict
incendo, -ere, incendi, incensus set on fire, burn
reficio, -ere, refeci, refectus repair
surgo, -ere, surrexi, surrecturus rise
cotidie daily
acutus, -a, -um sharp
ceteri, -ae, -a the other(s)
insignis, -e noted
mirus, -a, -um wonderful
consentio, -ire, sensi, sensus agree
contemno, -ere, -tempsi, -temptus despise
existimo, 1 think
praeterea besides
quidem at least, to be sure (follows the word it emphasizes)
ne...quidem not even
cum when
ala, -ae f. wing
passus, -us m. stop, pace
mille passus, milia passum pl mile
defessus, -a, -um tired
depono, -ere, -posui, -positus put aside, put down
nondum not yet
quam primum as soon as possible
statim at once, immediately
tandem finally, at last
culpa, -ae f. blame, fault
gaudium, -i n. joy
carus, -a, -um dear, expensive, esteemed
feliz. -icis(gen.) happy, fortunate, successful
necesse (indeclinable) necessary
quietus, -a, -um quiet
viginti (indeclinable) twenty
arbitror, arbitrari, arbitratus think
consumo, -ere, sumpsi, sumptus use up, spend
loquor, loqsui, locutus talk
polliceor, polliceri, pollicitus promise
proficiscor, profecisci, profectus set out, start
hic here, in this place
omen, ominis n. omen, sign
pontifex, pontificis m. priest
vesper, vesperi m. evening
vesperi in the evening (loc.)
quantus, -a, -um how great, how much
ingredior, ingredi, ingressus step into, enter
miror, 1 wonder, admire
orior, oriri, ortus rise
spondeo,-ere, spopondi, sponsus pledge, promise, engage
studeo, -ere, -studui, ----- be eager (for), study
pridie on the day before
subito suddenly
arbor, -oris f. tree
fons, fontis m. spring, source
ops, opis f. aid; pl. wealth
saxum, -i n. rock
aliquis, aliquid someone, something, anyone, anything
quidam, quaedam, quiddam a certain one or thing
aliqui, aliqua, aliquod some, any
quidam, quaedam, quoddam certain, some
sapiens, -ntis (gen) m. wise
compleo, -ere, evi, etus fill
eo, ire, ii (ivi) iturus go, come
exeo, esire, exii, esiturus go out (from)
praebeo, -ere, -ui, -itus furnish
redeo, -ire, redii, rediturus go back, return
propter (with acc) on account of
adulescens, -entis m. young man
facies, faciei f. face, appearance
fames, -is (abl. fame) f. hunger
alacer, -cris,-cre eager
accuso, 1 blame, criticize
caedo, -ere, cecidi, caesus cut, beat, kill
concedo, -ere, -institui, institutus establish, train
nego, 1 deny, say... not
pereo, -ire, -ii, iturus perish
significo, 1 mean
quoque too (follows the word it emphasizes)
campus, -i m. plain
feriae, -arum f. festival, holidays
gradior, gradi, gressus step, walk
morior, mori, mortuus die
progredior, progredi, progressus step forward, advance
quaero, -ere, quaesivi, quaesitus seek (from), inquire (of)
circiter about
etsi although
honor, -oris m. honor
imperator, -oris m. commander, general
litus, litoris n. shore
os, oris n. mouth
attingo, -ere, attigi, attactus touch, reach
disco, -ere, didici, ------ learn
interrogo, 1 ask, question
occido, -ere, occidi, occisus kill, cut down
pronuntio, 1 recite
non solum... sed etiam not only... but also
at but
scutum, -i n. shield
tribunus, -i m. tribune
diligens, -entis (gen.) careful
quot (indeclinable) how many; as (many as);
deligo, -ere, delegi, delectus select
fio, fieri, ---, (factus) be made, become
certior fio be informed (literally = be made more certain)
moror, 1 delay
oro, 1 beg, plead
refero, referre, rettuli, relatus bring back
eo there to that place
perfidia, -ae f. treachery
prudens, prudentis (gen.) sensible
differo, differre, distuli, dilatus differ
nolo, nolle, nolui, ---- not want, not wish, be unwilling
volo, velle, volui, ---- want, wish, be willing
huc here, to this place
num (introduces question expecting negative answer), whether
an or (in double questions)
quamquam although
quaestor, -oris m. quaestor (an officer who might be a quartermaster in the army, a trial judge, or treasury official)
aequalis, -e equal
ignotus, -a, -um unknown
circumvenio, -ire, -veni, -ventus surround
desidero, 1 long for, strongly desire
exprimo, -ere, pressi, expressus press out, express, portray
ineo, ire, inii, initurus enter in or upon
persuadeo, -ere, suasi, suasurus persuade
placeo, -ere, -placui, -placiturus please
reverto, -ere, reverti, reversus (sometimes deponent) turn back, return
Created by: frule