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Unit 8

Book 1

Excuse me; May I ask... qǐng wèn
to look for zhǎo
manager jīnglǐ
May I trouble you... máfan nǐ
to call back huídiàn
hello (on the phone) wèi
to wait děng
free (time) kòng
movie diànyǐng
to meet each other jiànmiàn
cinema diànyǐngyuàn
doorway ménkǒu
not leave before seeing each other ("be there or be square") bú jiàn bú sàn
with gēn
sorry, excuse me bù hǎoyìsi
to make an appt yuē
later yǐhòu
Fragrant Hill Xiāngshān
to take a walk; to stroll sànbù
thing(s) dōngxi
to tell gàosu
make a call dǎ diànhuà
post office yóujú
Chinese zodiac shēngxiào
rat shǔ
ox; cow; bull niú
dragon lóng
snake shé
sheep; goat yáng
monkey hóu
dog gǒu
pig zhū
see you later huítóu jiàn
to find zhǎo dào
how old are you? nǐ duō dà?
I am 22 years old. wǒ èrshíèr suì.
where is the bathroom? wèi shēng jiān (OR xǐ shǒu jiān) zài nǎlǐ?
dirty zāng
smart cōngmíng
to cry
to cook zuò fàn
to make clothes zuò yīfu
Created by: Rainydawn
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