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Scientific Approach

SPED 730 Learning Disabilities Assignment

How many children in the United States are considered poor readers? 10 million
What percent of children that are learning disabled are primarily impaired in reading? 80%
Is the assumption true that sometimes children will grow out of their reading problem? Explain. No, 74% of readers who are considered poor readers in the 3rd grade will remain poor readers in the 9th grade.
Are genetics a cause for poor readers? In some ways yes but it is mostly the environment that the child is put in. If an parent is a poor reader he or she is less likely to read to their child.
What is the ability to deal explicitly and segmentally with sound units smaller than the syllable? phonemic awareness
What is the one skills that students struggle with but need to know the most in order to become a better reader? Decoding skills
Created by: balielc