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Colorado Pharm Law

Title 12 Article 22

A pharmacy manager can be the manager of how many pharmacies? 1. Every pharmacy manager has 1 pharmacy
What is a casual sale? Means transfer delivery, or distribution to a corporation, individual, or other entity; shall not exceed 10% of total sales
How many members total are on the colorado board, and how many are pharmacists? term length and max consecutive? 7 total members, 5 of which are pharmacists. 4 year terms; can serve 2 max consecutively
What about political parties of the board? no more than 4 members of the board may be affliated with the same major political party
How often does the board meet? meetings of the board occur at least once every 4 months; a majority of the board shall be quorum
If a drug is considered adulterated or misbranded, who may remove it? Once the board dictates that a drug is adulterated/misbranded, only the board may authorize its removal from a pharmacy
For internship purposes, what percent of hours may be completed by a intern in drug related research activities? up to 30% of hours can be research oriented
What is required of a preceptor list? Must list areas he will provide training to intern: distribution cycles, DUR, compounding, laws in various pharmacy settings
Is the board responsible for devices at the retail level? Yes, as well as responsible for dispensing, and purity/quality
Are malpractice claims against pharmacists required to be reported to the board? Yes, they must send a form to the board describing the nature of a claim which is settled or ruled against the pharmacist
How many years must a pharmacist be licensed before he is exempt from fees? pharmacist must be licensed for 50 years.
How many years must a person wait before reapplying for a revoked license? minimum of 2 years
Do residents need to be licensed if they are already licensed in another state? No, as long as the resident is in an approved residency program, the resident does not need to become a licensed pharmacist. resident must be a licensed pharmacist in another state
What other entities are exempted from being licensed by the board? persons selling/delivering dialysate solution due to a valid rx; manufacturers who are only engaged in research of non-controlled substances
In general, how many years after school can a pharmacy student get an intern license? no more than 2 years after graduating
How much CE is required of a colorado pharmacist? How many pharmacists get audited? 24 hours of ACPE CE completed in the previous 2 years; the board can grant 6 month extensions; annual audit of up to 5%
How long does a pharmacy have to get a new pharmacist manager? 14 days to find a new PM, otherwise the license becomes void
Who can own a compounding pharmacy? page 21 - ownership of a compounding pharmacy must be vested solely in a pharmacist
Who is exempted from the 5% rule about transferring, delivering, or distributing? The department of corrections is exempt from the 5% rule
Are non-controlled drugs allowed to be compounded and dispensed for office use? Yes, on page 23 of these laws, compounded drugs may be dispensed for office use provided they do not exceed 10% of the pharmacy's annual sales
Can an emergency room nurse dispense medications pursuant to a valid practitioner order? Yes, a 24 hour supply may be dispensed by a hospital employee or agent authorized by law
In what situation may a commercially available product be compounded? page 24 - compounding of a commercial product may occur provided practitioner's order states it is in the medical interest of a patient
How many technicians can a pharmacist supervise? maximum of 3 technicians provided one technician is either certified or has 500 hours of training as designated by a pharmacy manager
How many interns may a pharmacist supervise? max of 2 interns, total personnel under supervision of any one pharmacist shall never exceed 3 people (technicians and interns)
If a prescriber cannot be contacted and the patient has a medical need for a medication, what is the max supply of medication a pharmacist may provide? 72 hour max supply of meds may be supplied by the pharmacist if a Dr. cannot be contacted.
What is special about anabolic steroid labelling? The indication for the steroid must appear on the label - page 25
What is required on a prescription label? pharmacy name/address, rx number, date of rx dispensing or date of rx, name of the drug dispensed, practitioner name, patient name, if stated on the rx: directions for use and cautionary statements
How must a practitioner indicate he wants a drug to be dispensed as written? must initial a box marked DAW or initial in his own writing the words dispense as written
How long after a conviction must a board be notified of an offense? Notice must be given to the board no later than 30 days after a conviction or judgment, regardless of the state of the judgment
True or false? An employer can coerce a pharmacist to dispense a prescription drug against his professional judgment. False. A pharmacist is not legally bound to dispense a prescription
Can technicians perform tasks requiring the practice of pharmacy or make a judgment call using pharmaceutical knowledge? No, nonpharmacist personnel may not practice pharmacy or make a judgment based on pharmaceutical knowledge
Do generic names have to be included in price advertisements in a pharmacy? Yes, only brand name advertisements based on price are unacceptable
What must be reported by nonresident pharmacies? How often? location, names, and titles of all principle entity officers and pharmacists. Report should be given annually and within 30 days of any change of officer, office, or pharmacist
What is a big prerequisite for nonresident pharmacies submit a copy of the most recent inspection report in the state of its physical location to the CO state board
If today is January 1, what would be the longest expiration date that could be accepted as a donated med in colorado? The longest expiration date would be June of the same year. That is, donated meds must be good for at least 6 months
Are witnesses of the board given immunity? Yes, any person who lodges a complaint shall be immune from liability in civil court provided reasonable actions - page 34
in CO law terms, what is withdrawal tx? page 40 - greater than 21 days but less than 6 months
in CO law terms, what is maintenance tx? page 38 - tx program greater than 6 months
in CO law terms, what is detoxification tx? program for less than 21 days (page 37)
Does the CO board of pharmacy license marijuana dispensaries? No, page 42 states that it does not license researchers, manufacturers, or distributors of THC
What is the makeup of the rehabilitation committee and what are the term limits? 3 licensed pharmacists (1 of which is in recovery) 1 staff member, and 1 psychiatrist or licensed mental health provider (5 total people
who operates and maintains the colorado controlled substances electronic database? The board of pharmacy operates the program
When can law enforcement access the PMP? as part of a bona fide investigation and with a court order/subpoena
Are hospitals required to transmit to the PMP? No, as long as they do not dispense more than a 24 hour supply to a patient
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