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Greek Mythology

Ares "God of War" Son of Zeus and Hera
Helios "Sun God" Rode chariot across the sky
Sisyphus Wise man who pushed the boulder uphill forever.
Psyche "Goddess of Soul" Had a love affair with Cupid.
Athena "Goddess of Wisdom" Came from Zeus Head Gave the Greeks the "olive tree" and named their city after her.
Hyperion "God of Light" Titan
Prometheus "Titan" Gave fire to mortals, punished by Zeus. Chained to a rock and had eagle eat liver.
Apollo "God of Music, Sun" Rode Charriot across the sky.
Zeus "God of Sky" Head of Gods Symbols: Lightning Rod, and Eagle
Demeter "Goddess of Harvest" Season changes because her daughter Persephone was captured by Zeus.
Cronus Son of Ouranos and Gaia Married Rhea Castrated his father . Ate his children, overthrown by Zeus.
Nemisis "Goddess of Revenge" Punished Narcissis for being Vain. Mother of Helen of Troy
Hera "Goddess of Women, Marriage and Childbirth" Married Zeus b/c he raped her.
Hermes "Messenger God" Master of Thief, Lover of Music
Odysses "King of Brawn, Muscle, Bravery" Trojan War, Trojan Horse Odyssey
Aura "Goddess of the Breeze and Air" Raped by Dionysus. Turned into a stream of H20
Poseidon "God of Seas, Earthquake and Horses."
Dionysus "God of Wine and Fertility" Demi-god. Bron from Zeus
Hestia "Goddess of Home, and Hearth"
Pandora First mortal person. Given a box, let out bad stuff
Hephasteus "God of Fire" Married Aphrodite, was ugly, made weapons for gods.
Icarus Flew too close to the sun, drowned in ocean, wings melted.
Electra Greek Princess
Charon Ferryman of the Underworld, takes the dead over the river of Styx
Aphrodite "Goddess of Love, Pleasure, and Desire" Made Medusa look ugly, extremely beautiful, married hephasteus
Cerbus Hades' 3 headed dog
Atlas Fought with the Titans, punished and had to hold Heaven away from Earth.
Hercules 12 task died from nessus' blood.
Created by: kmpham