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Croy Greek Vocab 1-5

Biblical Greek vocab from Clayton Croy's Primer, chapters 1-5

ἀκούω I hear
βλέπω I see
γινώσκω I know
γράφω I write
διδάσκω I teach
θέλω I wish, will, desire
καί and
λέγω I say, speak, tell
λύω I loosen, destroy
ὅτι that, because
οὐ, οὐκ, οὐχ not
πιστεύω I believe
ἀδελφή, ἠ sister
ἀλήθεια, ἠ truth
βασιλεία, ἠ kingdom, reign, rule
γῆ, ἠ earth, soil, land
δόξα, ἠ glory, honor
ἐκκλησία, ἠ assembly, church
ἔχω I have
ζωή, ἠ life
ἡμέρα, ἠ day
θάλασσα, ἠ sea, lake
καρδία, ἠ heart
φωνή, ἠ voice, sound
ὥρα, ἠ hour, time
ἀδελφόσ, ὁ brother
ἀλλά but
ἄνθρωπος, ὁ human being, person, man
δέ but, and
δοῦλος, ὁ slave, servant
ἔργον, τό deed, work
θάνατος, ὁ death
θεός, ὁ God, god
κύριος, ὁ Lord, master, owner
λόγος, ὁ word
νόμος, ὁ law
οἶκος, ὁ house
οὐρανός, ὁ heaven, sky
τέκνον, τό child
υἱός, ὁ son
ἀγαθός, -ή, -όν good, noble
ἅγιος, -α, -ον holy, consecrated
γάρ for (postpostive)
δίκαιος, -α, -ον righteous, just
ἔσχατος, -η, -ον last
κακός, -ή, -όν bad, evil
καλός, -ή, -όν good, beautiful
λαμβάνω I take, receive
μικρός, -ά, -όν small, little
νεκρός, -ά, -όν dead
ὁ, ἡ, τό the
πιστός, -ή, -όν faithful, believing
πονηρός, -ά, -όν wicked, evil
πρῶτος, -η, -ον first
Created by: lt6va