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Science Final Exams

Science Final Exam

meteorologist someone who studies the weather
barometer measures differences in air pressure
thermometer measures temperature in the troposphere
psychrometer measures relative humidity
anemometer measures wind speed
windvane measures the direction wind is coming from
humidity the amount of moisture in the air
high pressure sunny, nice day, low humididty
low pressure cloudy, stormy
precipitation rain, snow, sleet, hail
cold front symbol-arc with blue triangles all faceing one direction moves-quickly cold air moves in and pushes upwards under the warm air
warm front symbol-arc with red semi circles all faceing one direction moves-slowly warm air moves in and pushes up and over cold air and causes showers, fog, and clouds
occluded front symbol-arc with alternating red and blue semi circles and traingles weather is rainy, humid, oppressive warm air mass caught between two cold air masses
stationary front two fronts collide and dont move, rainy symbol is red semi circles on one side and blue triangles on the other side
troposphere where weather occurs
stratosphere keeps oceans liquid and the UV rays out-ozone layer
mesosphere meteoroids burn up and turn into meteors
thermosohere hottest layer
exosphere where satellites orbit
ionosphere where northern lights occur-ions emitted by the sun
evaporation the process of becoming a vapor (gas, mist)
condensation water that collects as droplets on a clod surface come into contact with warm air
run-off precipitation that falls to the ground and collects/empties into a body or water
solid water very very slow if it moves at all
liquid water medium speed
gas water very fast molecules
radiation the giving off of heat
conduction transfer of heat
convection heat by currents and the rising of hot and cold substances
nuclear energy energy released in a neclear reaction
chemical energy part of energy in a substance that csan be released be a chemical reaction
electrical energy energy made available nbe the flow of electrical charge through a conductre
mechanical energy energy in a mechanincal form
potential energy when an object is not moving but has potential to
kinetic energy when an object is moving because it has changed from potential
energy transformation the process of changing one type of energy into another
reflection when something reflects light
refraction reflection of light that changes the direction of the wave length
absorption when a dark color takes light in
transparent see through clear
translucent see through foggy
opaque solid colr/doesnt reflect light
wavelength length of one crest to another
electromagnetic spectrum range of wave lengths
Created by: Sofia Sackett