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Science Elect. unit1


Electricity is a form of energy.
Forms of Energy Chemical, Heat, Sound, nuclear, Electric and Light
Energy the ability to make someone or something move or work
What does electricity need in order to work protons and electrons
protons have a positive charge of electricity
electrons have a negative charge of electricity
law of electricity like electrical charges repel or move away from each other (+ and +) (-and-). Different electrical charges attract each other (+and-)
Static Electricity is caused by friction. it is stored electricity. Its release depends on the movement of electrons.
How does Static Electricity move Does not move along a path. It jumps form one object to another and then rests on the object which it lands.
Current Electricity Is caused by electrons moving through a path or wire.
Current Electricity Movement Electrons enter, travel through and pass out of a conducter. Electrons flow from the negative to the positive.
Conductor a material that makes a good path for electricity to flow.
Good conductors of electricity Most Metals
Insulators A material that slows down electron flow or does not allow electrons to pass through it.
Some Types of Insulators Wood, Plastic or glass
Circuit the path through which electrons flow. when electrons can flow from a power source (battery or power company) through a conductor and back again.
What are the types of circuits Series and Parallel
Incandescent light bulbs gives off light when electrons flow through it.
The metal wire in an incandescent light bulb is called the filament, and is heated until it glows and gives off light energy
Fluorescent lights electricity passes through a gas, such as mercury vapor or neon, and produces light.
fluorescent type of lights produce more light and much less heat than a incandescent light.
circuit breakers has a switch that automatically opens when a circuity is overloaded. This protects your home from fire.
fuses used instead of circuit breakers. Has a thin filament or wire. When electron flow reaches to high of a level the filament melts and opens the circuit.
Series Circuits electrons have only one path to follow
Parallel Circuits the electrons have more then one path to follow
Switch types Knife, Toggle, pushbutton
Knife Switch has a moveable blade that opens and closes the circuit
Toggle Switch like a wall switch
Pushbutton Switch used in doorbells
Battery A group of cells that works together to produce electricity by a chemical reaction
Alessandro Volta The inventor of the battery
Volt the strength of the fore measured by a battery
Force used for electrons to travel the forced is produced by the battery.
Created by: lin122