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Nutrient utilization

biofuels class

What are 2 important plant nutrients 1. nitrogen 2. phosphorous 3. potassium
In the fertilizer industry, green house gas emissions are primarily associated with three industrial processes: 1. ammonia production- only one that can be produced chemically 2. phosphoric acid production 3. nitric acid production - recycling of secondary nutrients is necessary
how important is nitrogen in fertilizers? - production of corn for food and ethanol - increase N2 = increase crop production
eutrophication addition of artificial or natural substances such as N2 or phosphorous through fertilizer or sewage to an aquatic system
describe the eutrophication of agricultural runoff 1. 85% freshwater flows into gulf of mexico 2. 64% originates from Mississippi river lots of dead zones
nitrate run off and human health - nitrate= low toxicity, but reduction of nitrate = nitrite - nitrite is toxic - too much nitrogen= turns ur blood brown - standard 10ppm
How does bioenergy from biomass goals affect fertilizer usage? - US has a very ambitious goal to meet bioenergy goal - chemical fertilizer displaces farmland
3 scenarios of bioenergy from biomass goals 1. currently sustiainable agricultural crop residue 2. high crop yield increases without land use change 3. high crop yield increases with landuse change
effects of bioenergy on fertilizer usage scenario 4 will require an increase in overall nutrient fertilizer application of 5.5 times current application levels
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