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Kansas Permit test

Kansas permit test

When driving on wet or slippery roads, the speed limit is Reasonable for existing conditions
How far before turning does the law require you to give a signal? At least 100 ft. before turning.
Under normal conditions, a safe following distance between your car and the car ahead is: Two seconds behind the vehicle you follow
A blind person legally has the right-of-way when: Using a white cane or led by a dog.
When the automatic traffic signal turns yellow you should Go on if the light turns yellow after you enter the intersection
When driving in a fog you should always use your Low headlight beams (dim lights)
The best way to bring your car out of a skid is to: Turn the front wheels in the direction of the skid.
If your right wheels run off the pavement you should: Apply the brakes lightly, and turn back on the road at slow speed.
When entering the interstate highway: Use acceleration lane to speed up before moving in.
Created by: Erin31