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Vision and Movement

Lecture 9 Movement Science

Visual reception begins to develop when? At birth
Develop skills of focusing and coordinating eye movement Birth- 4 months
Vision is blurry, shades of grey, and eyes frequently cross Birth- 4 months
Hold their gaze for a few seconds Newborns
Follow moving objects by moving head to move eyes 8-12 wks/ 2-3 months
Move eyes independent of head necessary for tracking and using eyes together 2-4 months
Coordinated eye movements; eyes should no longer cross 4-5 months
The head begins to collaborate early with the eyes, large lag time (eyes move faster than head) Tracking: 1 month
Keep their eyes on a target most of the time Tracking: 3 months
Can predict the pattern of a target and can get ahead of the motion Tracking: 5 months
Develop eye hand coordination 4-6 months
Eyes fuse two images into one/ binocularity 4-6 months
Can look quickly from one object to another 4-6 months
Visual acuity has developed to 20/20 4-6 months
Movement causes visual reception to develop into visual perception; i.e. spatial awareness 4-6 months
Learn to judge how far something is and how far to move to get it 6-8 months
Develop spatial relation skills about their own body in relationship to other objects and the relationship of objects to other objects 6-8 months
Accurate eye control; smooth pursuit/tracking 6-8 months
Visual reception and visual perception in conjunction with movement results in development of visual cognition (cause and effect) 8-12 months
Eye/hand/body coordination to grasp and throw objects 8-12 months
Integration of vision and gross motor coordination 8-12 months
Increasingly more integration of vision and movement for fine motor coordination 8-12 months
Continue refining visual reception into visual cognition Toddlers and Preschoolers
Begin to develop visualization skills to "picture" things in their mind Toddlers and Preschoolers
Develop object permanency Toddlers and Preschoolers
The beginnings of imagination Toddlers and Preschoolers
Children should have their first eye exam at what age? 3
Object perception continues to form: 1) through what ages? 2) what object perceptions? ages 6-7 Object perceptions: Form constancy, visual closure figure ground
Spatial perception is complete at what age? 10 years old position in space, depth perception, topographic orientation
When can a child do visual imagery? School age children
Visual Closure the ability to visualize a complete whole when given incomplete information or a partial picture. This skill helps children read and comprehend quickly
Figure Ground the ability to perceive and locate a form or object within a busy field without getting confused by the background or surrounding images.
Form Constancy the ability to mentally manipulate forms and visualize the resulting outcomes. This skill helps children distinguish differences in size, shape, and orientation.
Created by: evewave