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Perinatal Loss

What are some factors affecting emotional reactions to loss? Social situation, culture and religion. Personality Level of social and emotional support Nature and gravity of the prognosis
What are the common reactions to loss? Denial, guilt, anger, bargaining and then acceptance. May also have a loss of self esteem and feelings of isolation.
How can you show that you sympathize and that you care? Express your feelings. Encourage the mother to stay with the baby. Ensure that the mother has an active role in the baby's care with adequate support
For what reasons may parents or family find it difficult not to visit as much as might be expected when their child is ill? Travel costs Child care Medical requirements, i.e. if mother has delivered after section and still has her own appointments to attend.
How can you help with child care issues? By encouraging parents to allow siblings to visit the baby if they feel it is appropriate to do so.
For what reason would encouraging parents to name their baby after birth not always be appropriate? Some religions do not name their children until after religious ceremonies, such as the Jewish and circumcision of the infant.
If an informed decision has been made to stop resuscitation efforts or death is inevitable, what should be your focus? Your focus should be on providing emotional support to the parents
What other experiences may cause feeling of bereavement and loss? Preterm birth Birth defects Congenital abnormalities Infertility and subfertility
Within what time does a stillbirth have to be registered? Within 21 days
Who can register a stillbirth? Any person at the stillbirth, The occupier of the premises in which the stillbirth took place any person present at the stillbirth The mother of the child and the father of the child (if they are married)
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