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absite abx

what's the diff antiseptic, disinfectant antiseptic kills and inhibits organisms on body, disinfectant kills and inhibits on inanimate
MOA cephalo inhibit cell wall synthesis
MOA clinda inhibits protein synthesis (50S ribosome)
MOA vanc inhibit cell wall synthesis
MOA tetracycline inhibits protein synthesis (30S ribosome)
MOA aminoglycoside inhibits protein synthesis (30S ribosome)
what's MOA flagyl O2 radicals break up DNA
MOA erythro inhibits protein synthesis (50S ribosome)
MOA linezolid inhibits protein synthesis (30S ribosome)
which Abx act on 50S clinda, erythro
MC method of Abx resistance txr of plasmids
which Abx act on cell wall synthesis PCN, cephalo, carbapenems/monobactam, vanc
what's MOA rifampin inhib RNA polymerase
which Abx act on 30S tetracycline, aminoglycoside, linezolid
what's MOA sulfonamides PABA analog that inihibits purine synthesis
MOA trimethoprim inhibits purine synthesis
MOA carbapenem inhibit cell wall synthesis
mechanism of MRSA resistance mutations of cell wall binding protein (same for VRE)
appropriate peak/troughs for Vanc peak 20-40, trough 5-10
appropriate peak/troughs for Gent peak 6-10, trough <1
what bugs PCN for (5) Strep incl Strep pyo (nec fasciitis),Syph, N Mening, C Perf, Anthrax
what's a name of a monobactam Aztreonam
is PCN effective ag Entero no (would need amp/amox)
how is amp/amox better than PCN entero cvg
Unasyn (amp/sulbactam) and Augmentin (amox/clavulonic) cover what? What not covered? Staph, Strep, GNR +/-anaer, Entero
what are sulbactam and clavulonate b lactamase inhibitors
Zosyn covers broad spectrum w Staph, Strep, GNR, anaer, PSEUDO, Acinobacter, Serratia
SE Zosyn inhibits plts, high salt load
name 1st, 2nd, 3rd gen cephalo 1: cefazolin (Ancef), cephalexin; 2: cefoxitin, cefotetan, cefurozime; 3: ceftriax, cefepime, cefotaxime
which 1st gen cephalo is best ppx? 2nd gen? Ancef (cefazolin), cefotetan bc longest t 1/2
cvg 1st gen cephalo, what doesn't cover Staph, Strep, doesn't cover Entero and doesn't penetrate CNS
cvg 2nd gen, what doesn't cover Strep, GNR (only community acquired), +/- anaerobe but not PSEUDO, Acinebacter, Serratia or ENTERO
SE 2nd gen cephalo related to heart long QT
positive Coombs seen w which cephlo 1st gen
which cephalo covers Pseudo, Acinebacter, Serratia? 3rd gen
which cephalo covers Entero none
cvg 3rd gen cephalo mostly GNR +/- anaerobes, not Entero, does cover Pseudo, Acinebacter, Serratia
SE 3rd gen cephalo cholestatic jaundice and GB sludge w ceftriax
cvg of monobactam (Aztreonam) GNR, incl Pseudo, Acinebacter, Serratia
names of carbapenems meropenem, imipenem
cvg meropenem, imipenem broad spectrum for Staph/Strep, GNR, Anaer. NOT MRSA, Entero, Pseudo
what does cilastin do for meropenem/imipenem prevents renal hydrolysis of Rx and increases t 1/2
SE carbapenems sz
cvg bactrim GNR +/- Staph/Strep, NOT Pseudo, Entero, Acinebacter, Serratia
SE bactrim teratogen, allergy (sulfa), renal damage, SJ, hemolysis in G6PD
cvg quinolones Stpah, Strep mostly GNR incl Pseudo, Acinebacter, Serratia but NOT ENTERO
what % MRSA do quinolones cover, is IV or PO better? 40%, IV and PO equivalent
cvg aminoglycosides GNR incl Pseudo, Acinebacter, Serratia, NOT ANAEROBES or ENTERO
cvg macrolides (Erythro, Azithro) Staph/Strep, atypical PNA bugs
use of Erythro/Azithro CAP and atypical PNA
SE Erythro/Azithro Nausea, cholestasis (IV), binds motilin and helps GI motility
how does Erythro help GI motility binds motilin
cvg Vanc Staph/Strep inc MRSA, Entero, C dif
SE Vanc HTN, Redman syndrome, renal and ototoxicity
how tx vanc resistant MRSA linezolid
tx VRE amox or amp or linezolid
tx MRSA vanc
tx Pseudo PNA zosyn or cefepime/ceftaz; aztreonam if PCN allergy; tobra/gent
cvg tetracycline Staph/Strep, certain intracellul incl Chlamydia, Rickettsia, Mycoplasma, Also Vibrio, Lyme, Syph
SE tetracycline tooth discoloration in children
what's clinda used for aspiration PNA, anaerobes above diaphragm, C perfringens
SE clinda Pseudomem colitis
use of flagyl anaerobes below diaphragm
SE flagyl disulfam like rxn, peripheral neuropathy
SE amph B nephrotoxic, F, decrsd K, hypotension, anemia
MOA amph B binds sterols in wall and alters wall permeability
what fungal org fluc and ketoconazole doesn't cover Candida
4 TB Rx and SE Isoniazid (liver toxic, B6 defic), rifampin (liver toxic, GI sympt), pyrazinamid (liver toxic), ethambutol (retrobulbar neuritis)
SE ganciclovir decrsd BM, CNS toxicity
when is periop Abx given 2hr before incision
Created by: ehstephns
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