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Newborn Examination

important factors in the general examination of the newborn

What is a normal respiratory rate for a newborn baby? 30-60 breaths/minute
What is the definition of "apnoea"? cessation of breathing for more than 20 seconds
What could pallor in the neonate be a caused by? Shock fetal-maternal transfusion Internal bleeding (gastrointestinal, subaponeuric haemorrhage) Rh and ABO incompatibility Placental abruption or bleeding during pregnancy
What is the normal heart rate for a newborn baby at rest? 120-150bpm
What is the normal heart rate for a newborn baby who is crying, active or distressed? 160-190bpm
What is the normal temperature for a newborn baby? 36.8-37.2*C
What is opisthotonos? extreme hyperextension
What could opisthotonos be caused by? Meningitis
What is the name given to an extra amount of fingers or toes? polydactyly
What is the name given to webbing of the fingers or toes? Syndactyly
What could cause asymmetrical movements in the neonate? Broken bone(s) Erbs Palsy Klumpke's palsy Total brachial plexus palsy
What could cause a loss of elasticity in the skin of the neonate? Dehydration
What are some signs that the umbilicus may be infected? Red skin around the umbilicaus, Swollen, draining pus, foul smelling.
What is the name for a burst blood vessel between the conjuctiva and the sclera in the eye? subconjunctival haemorrhage
How long will it take for a subconjunctival haemorrhage to disappear? Should disappear within 1-2 weeks
What is the name for increased cerebrospinal fluid collection on the brain which causes increased head circumference, increased ventricle size and increased intracranial pressure? Hydrocephalus
What would cause a sunken fontanelle? Dehydration
What could cause a bulging fontanelle? Infection, subdural hematoma, hydrocephalus etc
What might be a reason for profuse nasal discharge in the neonate? Syphilis
What could cause a dry tongue and mucous membranes in the newborn? Dehydration
What is the name given to the congenital defect which includes the abdominal contents protruding freely through the abdominal wall on one side of the umbilicus Gastroschisis
What is the name given to the defect which results in the abdominal contents escaping through umbilical ring but is still contained in a membrane of peritoneum and amnion? Exomphalos (omphalocele)
Is gastroschisis or exomphalos associated with genetic abnormalities? Exomphalos
What is the name given to the congenital abnormality which causes an incomplete clusure of the embryonic neural tube which allows the spinal cord to protrude through the vertebrae? Spina bifida (myelomeningocele)
What is the name given to the spina bifida defect which results in a split in the vertebrae which is small enough that the spinal cord does not protrude through? Spina bifida occulta
Why may you be concerned that a newborn has not passed meconium within 24 hours of birth? Intestinal obstruction Cystic fibrosis Anorectal malformations
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