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BP 1119 Final

BP 1119 FINAL Exam

Nurse Practice Act defines nursing practice and sets standards for nurses in each state; defines scope of practice; makes requirements for licensure and entry into practice; creates board of nursing; identifies legal titles for nurse; determines grounds for disciplinary act
Client Rights refuse treatment, adequate treatment, right to have say in their quality of life, right to privacy, right to make their own decisions
Life-sustaining treatment and ethical issues There are no absolute answers; DNR; power of attorney; living will
Client privacy and confidentiality HIPPA, give patient privacy, don't discuss pt in public areas
Viruses that concern nursing HIV, Hantavirus, SARS, H1N1
Terrorism deliberate creation and exploitation of fear for bringing about political change; requires a conscientious attention to the policies and emergency programs of facility
State Board of Texas and its purpose primary - protect the public; review and approve nursing education programs in the state; form criteria for granting licensure; overseeing procedures for licensure examinations; issuing or transferring licenses; implementing disciplinary procedures
Compact State states that allow licensed nurses from other states to practice
Safe Harbor nurse's right to refuse unsafe assignment; Whistle Blower's Law; facility cannot retaliate
Types of assessments RN performs head to toe initial assessment; LVN performs focused assessment
Rule 15.27 know this - Standards of Nursing Practice - A Look at the New Interpretive Guideline for LVN Scope of Practiced
LVN scope of practice
Characteristics of a good professional
TPAPN Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses; for alcohol/substance/whatever abuse or rehabilitation
Unsafe practice out of scope; causes injury; negligence
GVN permit good for 75 days after graduation or until NCLEX is passed or failed
Felony bad offence; can still be nurse
Common Law judicial laws based on earlier court decisions, judgements and decrees
Assault threat to do harm
Durable power of attorney someone is assigned to make decisions for a person
Leaving AMA against medical advice
Slander oral defamation
Malpractice professional negligence (must be licensed to be malpractice)
Negligence failure to act as a responsible person would have in a similar situation
Fraud deliberate deception for the purpose of personal gain and usually prosecuted as a crime
Beneficence good over evil
Good Samaritan Law for lay-people; legal immunity for rescuers who provide first aid in an emergency to accident victims
False imprisonment holding or restraining someone against their will (physical or mechanical)
Informed consent nurses only serve as witness; physician explains to pt.
Living will states what you want in event you become incapacitated
Advanced Directive living will, medical durable power of attorney, advanced directives
Autonomy right to self-determination or the freedom to make choices without opposition; working on your own
Right entitlement
Veracity tell the truth
Elements of lawsuit for negligence duty; breech of duty; damages; proximate cause
License renewal Initially one year then every 2 years
Mission statement of Board of Nursing Protect and promote the welfare of the people of Texas by ensuring each person holding a license as a nurse in the state of Texas is competent to practice safely.
CEUs continuing education credits; 20 every 2 years
Interpretive guidelines of standards of practice? What for? to interpret Nurse Practice Act and Standards of Practice
Supervises LVN RN, doctor, dentist, chiropractor, NP
assessment is called: data collecting
If pt is confused or drunk before surgery, what should the nurse do? notify the doctor
Malpractice vs. negligence malpractice if licensed professional
Impaired nurse is drunk or high
A leader may or may not have delegated authority but are capable of obtaining power through means other than delegated authority. They have more roles than a manager.
A leaders focus is on the group process, info gathering, feedback, and empowering others.
Reward Power ability to grant favors - team leader making assignments
Coercive Power Fear - Head nurse cheduling vacations
Legitimate Power Position - DON
Expert Power Knowledge and skill - LVN with 20 years experience
Referent Power associated with others - shift supervisor
Informational Power Need for info to accomplish a goal - Merit raise related to annual evaluation.
Manager assigned position within an organization. legitamate source of power. Expected to carry out specific functions.
Managers emphasize control, decision making, decision analysis, results
5 Rights of Delegation Task, Circumstances, Person, Direction/communication, Supervision/evaluation
Be sure to Delegate! Do not do everything yourself.
Autocratic Leadership Authoritarian, directive, or bureaucratic. Set goals and have them carried out without input from others. Complete authority and should not be questioned. Task oriented, making decisions independently and issuing orders.
In emergency situations which kind of leadership is needed? Autocratic
Democratic Leadership achieve goals through participation of group members by focusing on individual abilities of each member. Leader keeps group headed in right direction. Lead by suggestion, not domination.
Decisions made through group consensus Democratic Leadership
Laissez-Faire leadership opposite of autocratic. Littler or no directive. Do anything they want without any direction from administration. May lose all sense of initiative and desire for achievement. Ends up in a muddle of confusion.
May work well with highly motivated well focused group laissez faire
Participative leadership crosses between autocratic and democratic leaders. Sometimes called multicratic or situational leaders.
Leaders present own personal views to group members, who provide criticism and comments. Leader then analyzes feedback from the group and makes a final decision Participative Leadership
Roles of the LVN clinician, mgr, advocate, educate, counselor, consultant, researcher, collaborator
Time mgmt organizing time as well as delegating tasks to other personnel and making optimal use of time
Operative Budget Monthly budget submitted for expenditures of the entire facility.
Manpower Budget The amout of money each department spends on FULLTIME employees
Capital expenditure budget advanced budget proposal submitted to finance committee for upcoming fiscal year.
Interview and its process Never Easy. Be Prepared. Dress appropo. Take- LVN license, CPR card, Vaccines, any additional certifications, resume, firm handshake. Do background research on company.
Resume Limit to one page, do not "pad, 5 year plan, experience as LVN, strengths, References, Summary of you as a professional.
Resigning from a job. 2 weeks. Good paper. hand deliver. Say: plan to quit, last day, appreciation
Win-Win based on caring, no power struggle, no anger, everyone feels good
Win-Lose boss wins, employee loses
Win-Yield breakdown until gives up, never have to lose
Lose-Lose conflict is here to stay, no matter what no winners
Accomodation agreement is reached, differences may be suppressed (may leave anger or resentment)
Collaboration generates commitment to work toggether, may waste time. Builds understanding and empathy.
Compromise produces mutually acceptable solutions. May not be the best even thoguh it keeps the peace.
Avoidance temporarily defuses highly charged emotional disagreemnt. Conflict is not resolved, neither is satisfied.
Competition reflects a strong stance to defend important principles. Can generate bad feelings.
Mgmt Process Step 1 Planning: Decide Decision making Problem solving Identify the problem Brainstorming
Mgmt Process Step 2 Organizing: Developing objectives. Objectives – guide process of planning and organizing. Establish policies and procedures, guidelines for carrying out objectives. Delegate responsibility
Mgmt Process Step 3 Directing: Making assignments and directing people to carry out assignment. Explain what, how, and why. Assignments made so skills of assigned personnel match patient needs. Only one person responsible for making assignments. Be clear and concise
Mgmt Process Step 4 Coordinating: Helps pull together various activities to achieve a goal. This insures that all activities are being carried out and helps to identify overlap, duplication, and omissions.
Mgmt Process Step 5 Controlling: Activities are analyzed to make sure that plans are being carried out. Efficiency and effectiveness of organization are evaluated in controlling process.
Three Basic Steps of Evaluation Establish standards and objectives. Measure performance and compare with standards. Make corrections or adjustments to remedy deficiencies.
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