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Nursing Theory/Proc.

Nursing Theory An organized set of related ideas that assist us in finding meaning in experience, organize thinking, develop new insights, and lay practical foundations.
Components of a Theory -Phenomena -Assumptions -Concepts -Definitions -Statements/propositions
Paradigm Worldview or ideology
Conceptual Framework Set of concepts related to form a whole
Model Symbolic representation of a framework or concepts.
Five Steps of the Nursing Process A Assessment D (Nursing) Diagnosis P Plan I Implementation E Evaluation
Assessment Gather necessary information about the patient/client/resident. Physical assessment, obtain history, review records and tests, collaborate with others.
(Nursing) Diagnosis Three Part System P Problem (from NANDA-I) E Etiology ("related to") S Symptoms ("as evidenced by")
Planning Prioritize Nursing Diagnoses according to Maslow's hierarchy General goal to improve health problem. Expected outcomes. Plan interventions based on evidence.
Implementation Initiation of care plan. Performing interventions. Assessing effectiveness. Documentation.
Evaluation Constant analysis and evaluation of outcomes. Were goals attainable? Do changes need to be made?
Created by: adlarson