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Exam II

Physical Anthropology - TXST Erhart

Measuring Human Variation (blank)
biological concept of race human groups differ .03-.07%
problems: concept of race (blank)
Race (blank)
Subspecies (blank)
Fst (blank)
Social definition: race (blank)
Cliens (blank)
Evolutionary studies: variation (blank)
Evolution: dark/light skin (blank)
Melanin, melanocytes (blank)
Natural selection & human behavior (blank)
histor of racism, eugenics (blank)
stress (blank)
homostasis (blank)
plasticity (blank)
adaptation: types (blank)
stress: types (blank)
stress: causes (blank)
stresses: adaptations (blank)
vasoconstriction, vasodilation (blank)
Bergmann rules (blank)
Allen rules (blank)
Body, cranial, nose: size/shape (blank)
cormic index (blank)
intermembral index (blank)
sex differences: skeleton/soft tissue (blank)
"Paleolithic" diet (blank)
agriculture: benefits/costs (blank)
malnutrition, obesity (blank)
cultural patters (blank)
morphology (blank)
Life History Theory (blank)
Growth/development (blank)
Interstitial growth (blank)
Appositional growth (blank)
Distance curves (blank)
Velocity curves (blank)
Growth: Seven Stages (blank)
Growth: Genetic/hormonal control (blank)
Paedomorphosis, Peramorphosis (blank)
Childhood: unique stages (blank)
Adolescence: unique stages (blank)
Menopause: evolution (blank)
Senescence Theories (blank)
Growth: Secular Trends (blank)
Growth: Different Human Groups (blank)
Sedentary Life & Population Growth (blank)
Global Carrying Capacity (blank)
Endemic disease patters (blank)
Epidemic disease patterns (blank)
HLA system (blank)
Polluiton & Human Biology (blank)
Infectious Disease reemergence (blank)
HIV (blank)
SARS (blank)
Changing Age Structure (blank)
Population pyramid (blank)
Baby boom generation (blank)
gene therapy (blank)
Created by: goldmeg89