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2000 EKW


to go 가다
to cross 건너가다
to walk 걷다
a road, a street
to turn 돌다
to return, to come a long way round 돌아오다
to be far 멀다
how many, how much
to ask 묻다
intersection, a crossroads 사거리
a rough sketch of a map 약도
where 어디
how long, how much 얼마나
a station
a right, a right-hand turn 우회전
a pedestrian overpass 육교
an entrance 입구
about 정도
a stop, a station 정류장
a left, a left-hand turn 좌회전
an address 주소
to go by, to pass by 지나가다
an exit 출구
turn 회전
a crosswalk 횡단보다
straight, directly, right away 곧장
straight 똑바로
a direction 방향
north 북쪽
the right 오른쪽
to go up 올라가다
the left 왼쪽
here 이리
this way 이쪽
the other side, that way 저쪽
in the direction of / straight
bound for
a reply 답장
delivery 배달
to send 보내다
an envelope 봉투
to send 부치다
news 소식
a parcel 소포
yours truly 올림
postal service 우편
a stamp 우표
to pass 전하다
a letter 편지
to be close 가깝다
the middle 가운데
there 거기
across, the opposite side 건너
the outskirts, the suburbs 교외
that place 그곳
near 근처
in back of, behind
the opposite side 맞은편
far 멀리
under, the lower part
the outside
down, below 아래
the inside
the front
here 여기
here and there 여기저기
the side, beside, next to
above, the upper part, the top
a location 위치
this place 이곳
that place 저곳
over there 저기
near. the neighborhood, the surroundings 주위
the center 중심
to make a call 걸다
a payphone, a public phone 공중전화
to press, to push 누르다
a message 메시지
a number 번호
(a) sound, a voice 소리
to tell (someone), to let (someone) know 알리다
hello 여보세요
contact 연락
a phone, a call 전화
a telephone conversation 통화
fax 팩스
a cell phone 휴대폰
to transfer 갈아타다
to take 걸리다
an expressway, a highway 고속도로
a traffic 교통
a train 기차
to get off, to take off 내리다
seats reserved for the elderly and the weak 노약자석
to miss 놓치다
to be slow 느리다
next 다음
to go back, to go around (a place) 돌아가다
to be blocked 막히다
to stop 멈추다
a boat, a ship
a bus 버스
to be crowded, to be complicated 복잡하다
to be inconvenient, to be uncomfortable 불편하다
an airplane 비행기
to be fast 빠르다
an accident 사고
to come to a stop 서다
to stop 세우다
a signal 신호
a fare, a charge 요금
driving 운전
to be dangerous 위험하다
use 이용
a car, a private car 자가용
an automobile 자동차
a bicycle 자전거
to catch, to hold 잡다
a seat 좌석
parking 주차
a subway 지하철
nonstop, going straight 직행
a car
carfare, charges 차비
slowly 천천히
to take, to ride, to get on 타다
taxi 택시
one way 편도
to be convenient 편리하다
not to be crowded 한산하다
flight, airline 항공
line 호선
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