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6000 beginner korean

칫솔 A toothbrush
장미 A rose
수영장 Swimming pool
칠판 The blackboard
휴지통 Waste paper basket
공휴일 A legal holiday
운동화 Sports shoes
도착 Arrival
치약 Toothpaste
요일 A day of the week not the weekend
A dog
세수 Hand-washing
A bird
휴지 Toilet paper
정류장 stop,a station,bus-stop
발음 Pronunciation
경치 A scene or scenery
서점 A bookstore
공책 Notebook for taking notes and studying
소풍 Picnic
휴일 A day off of work, a holiday
주소 An address
기숙사 A hostel or residence hall
산책 A walk,stroll
이번 This time
수건 Handkerchief
과자 A snack or pastries or candy
다르다 Be different
지갑 A purse,wallet
목욕 A bath
연필 Pencil
운전 Driving
교과서 Textbook
수영 Swimming
기차 A train
졸업 Graduation
생선 Raw fish
안경 Glasses
계절 Season
다리 Bridge
청소 Cleaning
극장 Theater or playhouse
창문 A window
연습 practice,exercise
지하 Underground
도서관 Library
숙제 Homework
우산 An umbrealla
책상 On the desk
색깔 Color
방학 School holidays
박물관 Museum
팔월 August
인사 People, men of society
대답 An answer
칠월 Month of July
보통 The normal
장소 Place
교실 Classroom
교통 Traffic or transportation
인사 Greetings
질문 A question, a query
근처 Nearby or the vicinity
준비 Preparation
구월 September
유월 June
여행 Trip
사월 April
설명 Explanation
수업 school,teaching
식사 A meal
대화 Conversation
사진 Picture
시험 A test
물건 A thing
선생 Teacher
기분 Mood
계획 A plan or a project
도시 City
교수 Teaching or instruction
A tooth
The upper part, above
한번 Once
검은색 Black or dark
달력 A calendar
노란색 Yellow
빨간색 deep-red,crimson
얘기 Story
파란색 Blue
자주 Always, constantly
혼자 Alone
Anger (get angry)
가슴 Chest
가운데 In the middle
가을 Autumn or fall
하늘 The sky
A marker, indication
An arm
구경 An enjoyable sight or spectacle
A lesson or a section or a department
과일 A fruit
고등학교 A senior high school
고등학생 High school student
게임 Game
거울 1) mirror 2) a pattern or model or exemplar
걱정 Worry
가게 Store
A Dream
Class or grade or rank
그릇 A vessel or receptacle
그림 A picture
그날 That day or that same day
그동안 During that time
그때 Then or at that time
You and your family
다리 Leg
넥타이 Necktie
노트 A note
나이 Age
나중 The last, the latter part
날짜 Date
며칠 How many days
The neck
바지 Pants
The outside
Group, company, party
The bottom
비누 Soap
비빔밥 Vegetarian dish of rice and vegetables
볼펜 A ballpen
부엌 Kitchen
A star
A bottle
숟가락 A spoon
소파 Sofa
The inside
The hand
손님 Customer
어깨 Shoulder
아이 Child
아이스크림 Ice cream
쓰레기 Garbage
아기 baby,infant
아내 Wife
아들 son,baby
아래 The bottom, the lower part
Next to
옛날 Ancient times, antiquity
오래간만 After a long time
오랜만 After a long time
종이 Paper
젓가락 A pair of chopsticks
재미 amusement,enjoyment
자장면 Black chinese noodles
A cup, wine glass
치마 A skirt
A knife
초콜릿 Chocolate
처음 First
찌개 A pot stew
주스 Juice
햄버거 Hamburger
파티 Party
테이블 Table
The nose
올해 This year
요즈음 Recently, nowadays
요즘 Recently, nowadays
이때 At this time, moment
이제 Now
허리 The waist, the small of the back
A year
취미 Hobby
일주일 One whole day
시계 clock, timekeeper, timepiece
A boat (boating)
이야기 Conversation, talk
어른 A man, an adult
거리 A road or street
운동 Motion, movement
운동장 Stadium, playground
A leaf
양복 Western European style clothing
모두 everything
손가락 a finger
흰색 gray,ash color
식탁 Dinner table
야구 Baseball
실례 rudeness,impolite
티브이 TV
구두 Shoes or boots
대사관 Embassy
사전 Dictionary
초대 An invitation
왼쪽 The left side
소금 Salt
잡지 A magazine
자리 seat,spot
제일 The first
Oh dear
Oh, well, why
그래 So or yes or that’s right
그럼 Interjection: “yeh or that’s right”
실례하다 To be impolite
운전하다 To drive
질문하다 Ask a person a question
여행하다 To travel
식사하다 To eat a meal
연습하다 To practice,exercise
초대하다 To invide
청소하다 To clean
운동하다 To do exercise
축하하다 To Congratulate sb
인사하다 To greet, say hello
졸업하다 To graduate
출발하다 To depart, leave
소개하다 To introduce,present
도착하다 To arrive
대답하다 To answer, reply
준비하다 To prepare
시작되다 To begin,start
설명하다 To explain
이해하다 To understand
사용하다 To use
시작하다 To start,begin
걷다 To walk
걸다 Hang up or suspend
걸어가다 To go on foot or walk
걸어오다 Come on foot or walk
가르치다 To teach
가져오다 To bring or get
피우다 To make, build, kindle
만들다 To make
팔다 To sell
끄다 Put out or extinguish
끝나다 To draw to a close or to end
끝내다 To end
나가다 To go out
깎다 Cut or trim
걱정하다 To worry or be anxious
늦다 Be late, overdue
다녀오다 Drop in for a short visit
다니다 Go to and from a aplace
넣다 Put in, set in
놀다 Play, amuse oneself
나오다 Come out
날다 To fly
내려가다 To go down
내려오다 Come down
내리다 Descend
마시다 To drink
않다 To not be, to not do
울다 To cry, weep
웃다 To laugh, smile
입다 To wear
잊다 To forget
잊어버리다 To forget
읽다 To read
잃다 To lose, to miss, to be deprived
잃어버리다 To lose
켜다 To light, turn on, kindle
크다 To be big, large
태어나다 To be born, see the light of day
추다 To dance
춤추다 To dance
찾다 seek,look for
찍다 Stamp with a dojang
지우다 To erase
지내다 To pass, spend time
적다 Write down
잠자다 Fall asleep
잡다 seize,catch
잡수시다 eat,drink
잘하다 To do well
자다 To sleep
올라가다 To go up, ascend
오다 To come
오르다 Go up, climb, ascend
열다 Open
얘기하다 To tell a story
안다 To hold, embrace
안되다 Must not, should not
앉다 To sit down
알다 To know
쓰다 To write
쓰다 To wear (a hat)
쓰다 Take (medicine)
씻다 To wash,cleanse
싫어하다 To dislike, be reluctant (to do)
싸우다 To fight
신다 Put on, wear
서다 To stand
살다 To live
불다 Blow
부르다 To call
보내다 Send
바꾸다 change,exchange
받다 Receive
물어보다 Ask
못하다 Be impossible
말다 Cease
도와주다 To help
닦다 Wipe clean, polish
닫다 To close
사다 To buy, purchase
묻다 to Ask
계시다 (someone esteemed) to stay or be located
생기다 arise,occur,happen
벗다 Take off, remove
가다 To go
내다 produce something
일어나다 To rise, get up
이야기하다 To talk
가지다 To have or take or hold
보다 To try
놀라다 Be surprised
그리다 Picture or draw a picture
나다 To be born
치다 to attack, assault
타다 Ride (bus)
A little
~ not ~ + VERB
벌써 Already
항상 Always
잠시 For a little while
계속 Continuously
정말 Really
지금 Now
물론 Of course
갑자기 Suddenly
같이 Together
가끔 Sometimes
하지만 But, nevertheless
All, everything
너무 Too much
그렇지만 But or however
그래서 And so accordingly
그러나 However or but still
그러니까 And so it is that
그러면 If so or if that is the case
그런데 But or however
그럼 Certainly or of course.
어서 Quickly 2) kindly
어제 Yesterday
언제나 everytime,always
아주 Extremely
아직 Still
아니 Not
아마 Probably
서로 mutually,one another
바로 Right, correctly
많이 A lot
매우 Very
조금 A little
왜냐하면 Because
일찍 Early
잠깐 For a little while
오래 Long, for a long time
가장 Most
먼저 First
보다 More than, greater than ....
모두 Everybody
언제 when,at what time
그리고 And or and then
친절하다 To be kind, to be nice
죄송하다 regret,be sorry for
유명하다 To be famous
복잡하다 Be complicated
맵다 Spicy
중요하다 To be important,weighty
그렇다 That is right or yes.
고프다 Hungry or famished
같다 To be similar
가깝다 Close
가볍다 Light
힘들다 To be hard, difficult
밝다 To be promising
배고프다 To be hungry
배부르다 To be full
반갑다 Be happy
멀다 To be far
많다 many,much
맑다 clean,pure
맛없다 Bad flavor
맛있다 Delicious
덥다 Be hot, heated
높다 High
늦다 To be late (time)
넓다 Broad
낮다 Be low
나쁘다 To be bad
길다 To be long
깨끗하다 To be clean or pure
재미없다 Boring
재미있다 interesting,fun
작다 Small
예쁘다 Pretty, lovely
어떠하다 To be how
어떻다 how,what.. do you think of
어렵다 To be hard, difficult
아프다 To hurt
아니다 To not be
아름답다 To be beautiful
싫다 To not like, to hate
싸다 Be inexpensive
슬프다 To be sad,sorrowful
시원하다 Be cool,refreshing
쉽다 To be easy
비슷하다 To resemble
비싸다 To be expensive
빠르다 Be fast, quick
이렇다 Like this
크다 To be big, large
춥다 To be cold
짧다 Short, brief
즐겁다 Be pleasant,agreeable
조용하다 To be quiet,still
좋다 To be good
적다 To be small, few in number
바쁘다 Busy
없다 Do not exist, absent
달다 to be sweet
짜다 To be salty
무겁다 Heavy ; a stuffy atmosphere
One day
Way, direction
Years old
One part
개월 Each and every month
Age in years
The moon
Number, how many times
A thing or an object
바람 As a result,by the influence of
미터 Meter
Person counter
마리 Number of animals
A volume or a book
That thing
Unit or piece
퍼센트 Percent
A unit of south korean money, KRW
A month
A pen name, a title; a number, an issue
One piece of sth flat
~ Mr.
One week
센티미터 Centimeter
시간 a Length of time (한시간 동안)
A few
여러 many,various
어느 Some, a certain
아무 anybody,everybody
셋째 The third
Hundreds of
무슨 What, what kind of
모든 Every one
다른 Different
다섯째 Fifth
넷째 Fourth
One, a single
이런 Such, like this
Uh, well, ...
스무 20
첫째 The first
어떤 What kind of, what sort of
영국 England
인천 Incheon city
독일 Germany
캐나다 Canada
중국 China
그녀 She
그쪽 Those people
그거 That thing
그것 That thing
그곳 That place
That thing
거기 There (location)
A person, a man/woman
이거 This thing
이것 This thing
이곳 This place, here
이분 Divide into two
이쪽 This side, our way
저거 That thing over there
저것 That thing over there
저곳 That place over there
저기 That place, there
저쪽 Over there, in that direction
여기 A hobby
여러분 You (plural, to address a group at speech time)
무엇 That thing,whatever
그분 That person (respectful)
구십 90
이십 Twenty
육십 Sixty
팔십 80
삼십 30
오십 Fifty
칠십 Seventy
일곱 Seven
일흔 Seventy
The number six
예순 Sixty
여덟 Eight
여든 Eighty
여섯 Six
아홉 Nine
아흔 Ninety
스물 Twenty
서른 Thirty
four,the fourth
마흔 Forty
다섯 5
넷째 Fourth
사십 40
첫째 The first
주다 To give, to do for a person
싶다 want,hope
놓다 Put, place
나가다 To advance, proceed, go forward
계시다 (honorofic) to stay or reside
내다 to see through, to make it through sth
가지다 Entertain or hold or have
보다 To see
버리다 (following a verb) the verb\'s action is over, perhaps in a sad way
먹다 VST + 먹다 , adds no meaning
그래 Yes or that’s right
그래서 So or therefore
사이 space between 2 points; the relationship between 2 people
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