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FHEA Review 2

prevention anaphylaxis immunization

primary prevention prevent health problem; most cost effective immunization; counseling about safety, injury and disease prevention
secondary prevention detecting disease in early asymptomatic or preclinical state to minimize its impact screening tests such as bp check, mammography, colonoscopy
tertiary prevention minimize negative disease-induced outcomes adjusting therapy to avoid TOD
why do we vaccinate? vaccine related risk < disease related risk
what temp should hot water be set to? 120 F 5 min=length of time for 3d burn if adult expose to water in this temp
define herd immunity resistance of a group to an infectious agent because high proportion of people in the group are immune to the agent immuned people help susceptible non-immuned people
define active immunity resistance is developed to an antigen (infecting agent or vaccine); host produce antibody; onset is 1month of dose if vaccinated; years/lifelong protection
define passive immunity antibody produced in another host; onset is within hours of dose; protection is limited usually 6-9 months natural-mom to infant artificial-antiserum or IG
3 immunization principles remove geographic barriers whenever possible; when in double, re-immunize; IZ deferred=IZ denied reach out to the population; better to give extra dose; only defer IZ in presence of life-threatening illness
immunization anaphylaxis prevention administer in settings where personnel and equipment available in case of severe allergy
treatment of anaphylaxis in pt with currently patent airway epinephrine SC or IM and call 911; diphenhydramine IM, any measures indicated by pt response (aiway, o2, IVF, vaspressor, corticosteroids, repeat epinephrine q5min, diphenhydramine, add H2blocker
follow-up care after anaphlaxis treament allergy testing, epinephrine autoinjector (EpiPen)
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