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Forms of Energy

What is sound energy vibrations that travel in waves through solids, liquids and gases
How does sound travel In waves of vibrating molecules moving away from the source
Why does sound travel faster through solids the molecules are the closest together
Can sound travel in outer space no, because there arent any molecules to carry vibrations
The distance between the tops of two waves is called the wavelength
How often a wave passes a certain point is called the frequency
The height of a wave is called its amplitude
What is the crest the high point of a wave
Wavelength the distance between two consecutive points on a wave (from crest to crest or trough to trough)
Trough the low point of a wave
amplitude the height of a wave relative to it's resting position
Why do you see lightning before you hear thunder light travels faster than sound
reflect the bouncing back of a light or sound wave after reaching a barrier
refract when waves bend because something slows him down
absorb when something takes in light
transmit passing through something
emit give off light
radio waves lowest form or energy and frequency - long wavelength
visible light the part our naked eye can see
gamma rays radioactive materials that can kill body cells
mechanical energy energy associated with moving parts
chemical energy Energy stored in chemical bonds that hold energy together. This energy may be released when chemical bonds are broken (food)
Like charges repel
Opposite charges attract
what is electricity the flow of electrons from one atom to another
How do electrons flow negative to positive
When does static electricity occur when an electric charge builds up in one place ~ when electrons make their jump from a negative to a positive atom it releases a static discharge
Series Circuit *Electrons only follow one path *Share a voltage *If one bulb goes out, the other one will too because it will be an open circuit
Paralel Circuit *Electrons have more than one path *Dont share voltage *If one goes out, other will stay lit
Created by: softball15