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Science Exam*

Science Exam

What would complete the Punnett Square ? aabb
Which will have a tall fast-growing offspring ? D.AA-BB
If a plant's genotype is AAbb , will it be tall or short ? tall
If a plant's genotype is aabb , will it be slow or fast-growing ? slow-growing
The _______ is a jelly-like substance. B.cytoplasm
Most cells in the human body reproduce by _____. Mitosis
A small boy's mother gave him a(n) ________ because he had chickenpox. Vaccine
Plant cells contain _________ which have chlorophyll and used during photosynthesis. B.Chloroplaste
A scientist found a(n) _________ in a hoax cell. D.Virus
Animal-eater Carnivore
Feeds on dead organisms. Decomposers
Plant and animal eaters. Omnivores
The most commonly used classification system divides categories into ___ groups. 6
First part of a scientific name is the ________. Genus
Second part of a scientific name is the _______. Species
Bacteria __________. B.were the first organisms on Earth.
Best describes fungi. Gets food from another source.
Rhodophyll has _____ pigments that absorb light. Red
Moat numerous of all algae. A.Diatoms
__________ hypothesized ancestry pf animals. A. Protozoics
Eukaryotic organisms belong of the _____ kingdom. B.
What is conifer ? needle like leaves
What is lichen ? flowerless plant living as one
What are spores ? ferns
What is taproot ? like a carrot.
Describe the importance of a seed. Important in the spread of flowering plants.
What causes and how can we stop pollution ? Cars and power plants. Electronic cars and less power plants.
Created by: hilena_