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FHEA Review 1

preparing fnp exam test taking strategies

Nurse Practice Act law the describe the qualifications for licensure, nursing titles, scope of practice
T/F: On the national NP certification exam, you should expect to find specific questions on your state's APN practice act. False APN practice act is at state level but certification exam in at national level
T/F: You plan to sit for the certification exam in a state where NPs have limited or no controlled substance prescribing authority. As a result, your certification exam will not contain questions about prescribing opioids. False certification exam is a national test for entry level NP to recognize their education, knowledge and professional expertise
T/F: Once an NP has achieved nationally recognized certification from ANCC or AANP, this person can now practice as a nurse practitioner. False certification is part of licensure process but in is not license to practice
general test taking skills answer all questions. learn to prioritze: first ABC, safety, then ADPIE, then EBP and outpatient.look for clues in the stem. ask how and why ADA for DM, NAEEP EPR3 for asthma, JNC7 for HTN, NCEP ATP III for dyslipidemia, CDC ACIP for immunization
define leadership process by whch a person influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal
describe certification way of validating a person knowledge, skill and abilities in a defined role and clinical area of practice; can be mandatory or voluntary OCN vs. FNP-BC
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