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Unit 5B

Alternative Energy

Which of the following groups are renewable resources? Water, plants and animals, sunlight, and wind.
What would be the best place to construct a series of turbines to generate electrical energy? Near an ocean coast where the wind blows consistently.
What are some of the advantages of using solar energy? Sunlight reaches the Earth’s surface quickly.
Use of hydroelectric energy depends upon - Availability and power of moving water.
Alternative Energy Resource Energy generated by natural processes that is renewable
Wind Energy Energy that comes from changing the power of moving air into a useful form
Solar Energy Energy that comes from the Sun
Biofuel/Biomass Fuel made from plants, animal wastes, and decomposing plant and animal tissue
Geothermal Energy that comes from the natural heat inside the Earth
Hydroelectricity Electricity made from the energy of moving or falling water
Renewable resource Materials from the Earth that can be replaced by nature within a relatively short period of time; example: trees
Nonrenewable resource Materials from the Earth that cannot be replaced within a reasonable amount of time; for example: oil, coal, and natural gas
Fossil Fuel A flammable material made from the waste and remains of plants and animals in the Earth's crust that is used to produce heat and power
Pollution Materials introduced into an environement that cause damage, discomfort, or instability
Hot water is pumped up from deep inside the Earth and is used to heat homes or to generate electricity Geothermal Energy
As water flows through a dam, a generator is turned and creates enough electricity for thousands of homes Hydroelectric
Plants and manure are burned. The heat that is created is used to turn a generator. The generator creates electricity that will provide power to many homes Biofuels
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