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Ecology Study Guide

Mr Sherbs ecology study guide

What is the general pattern of Marine Communities The vast majority of Earth is covered by water (70%), includes many ecosystems.
What are the physical features and some living things found in shallow open waters Crabs, sea stars, snails, clams, receives most light from the sun, has many animals.
What are the physical features and some living things found in open sea surface waters Sharks, dolphins, crocodile, alligator, receives some light, vast waters, few animals.
What are the physical features and some living things found in deep sea waters Octopus, dragon fish, jellyfish, angler fish, receives no sunlight, very cold.
Why can't photosynthesis occur in the deep ocean? How do creatures who live there get energy? Because light cant reach in the deep ocean. The creatures eat other creatures, some use light to attract there prey.
What is the general pattern of Fresh Water Communities Only 3% of water on Earth is fresh, most of it is in the form of ground water.
What is a biome A large naturally community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat.
What are tropical rain forests This is a forest of tall trees in a region that is warm all year round and has lot's of rain.
What are savannas This has low rainfall, has periods of drought, inhabited by grasses, and some trees and shrubs.
What are deserts This has low rainfall, hot in the day and cold at night, few plants and animals, sandy.
What are temperate grasslands This is a large area of grasses, flowers and herbs, has annual precipitation.
What are temperate deciduous forests This is found between the polar and tropic regions, have four seasons, have lots of trees and plants.
What is a taiga This has very long and cold winters, during winters there are heavy snowfall, in summer it is humid and has rain, has poor soil.
What is a tundra This has extremely low temperatures, little precipitation, and not a lot of trees or plants.
What are invasive species These are animals that move to a different area than which they came from.
How are Zebra Mussel hurt Michigan's ecology These clog intake pipes at power plants and water sources.
How are Garlic Mussel hurt Michigan's ecology Grows earlier in spring than native plants, crowds out native plants.
How are Emerald Ash Borer hurt Michigan's ecology These kill millions of trees each year.
What is a population This is a group of individuals of the same species that live in the same area.
What is a carrying capacity This is the largest number of individuals of a population that a given environment can support.
What is exponential growth This is the growth pattern in which the individuals in a population reproduce at a constant rate.
What is populous This heavily populated; having many inhabitants.
What is sustainability This is the power to supply with needed nourishment.
How does oil form This is formed when plants and animals get compressed overtime creating this.
How much manpower is equivalent to one barrel of oil Twelve people working all time all year to equal one barrel of this.
What percentage of a barrel of oil is used for transportation purposes 70%.
What percent of transportation fuel is oil 98%.
Why is it difficult for experts to identify how much oil remains in the world's reserves Experts exaggerate about the remains of oil for political reasons.
In Earths crust, there is good, inexpensive, easy oil and there is bad, pricey, difficult oil. Which oil has been drilled and used far Crude oil.
Created by: sheeba1cindy