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Health Safety

Ways individuals describe, monitor and interpret symptoms, take actionand use the health care system Illness behaviors
Dynamic state of being in which the devolopemenatl and behavioral potential of an individual is realized to the fullesst extent possible Health
activity undertaken for the purpose of achieving a higher level of health and well being Health promotion
Living organisms are seen as interacting;a unified whole gthat is more than the sum of its parts Holism
the tendency of the bosy to maintain a state of balance while continually changing -deviations from normal are sensed and counteracted Homestasis
level of achievement for a particular segment of a persons life Developemental stage
behavior motivated by a desire to actively avoid illness, detect it early, or maintain functioning within the constant of illness Health protection
the actions a person takes to understand health state, maintain optimal state of health, prevent illness and injury and reach maximum potential Health behavior
system of activities intended to produce learning Teaching
invidual who pleads the cause of another, or argues or pleads for a cause or proposal Advocate
the health of a person at a given time Health Status
A state of well being Wellness
a subjective for perception of balance, harmony, and vitality Well being
any activity undertaken for the purpose of achieving a higher level of health and well being Health promotional model
concepts about health that an individual believes are true Health belief
the extent to which an individuals behavior coincides with health advice Adherance
highly personal state in which th eperson feels unhealthy or ill, or maybe related to disease illness
An alteration in body fuction resulting in reduced capacities or shortening of the life span Disease
typically characterized by severe symptoms of relatively short duration Acute disease
illness that lasts for an extended period of time, usuually greater than 6 months Chronic illness
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