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suture names and needles

maxon generic name is polyglconate
vicryl is also called plyglactin 910
polyglicaprone 25 is called Monocryl
SH stands for small half circle
XLH extra large half circle
polyproplene is also called Prolene
PDS polydioxanone
a tie is also called ligature
FSLX for skin extra large
the symbol of a triangle indicates what needle cutting
nylon Ethilon, Dermalon
CT circle taper
the attachment of suture to a needle is called ? swaged
Polybutester Novafil
BV blood vessel
a ligature attached to a needle is called suture ligature stick tie
suture that is made from sheep intestine chromic, plain gut
suture package is violet vicryl
BB blue baby
P plastic
MO mayo
Polyglycolic acid Dexon
OS orthopedic surgery
a secondary suture line is called retention
an example of cotton suture would be umbilical tape
UR urology
CV cardiovascular
plain gut comes in a _____________ packaging yellow
a single strand of suture is called monofilament
suture stored in alcohol solution chromic,or plain
CP cutting point
PS plastic surgery
the amount of tension applied before breakage occurs tensile strength
hydrolyzes in the body 180-240 days PDS
a circle with a dot in the center means taper needle
tough connective tissue covering the muscle is called fascia
a drawstring suture placed in circular fashion is called pursestring suture
thin membrane lining the abd cavity peritoneum
needle used to go through tough tissue cutting
needle swaged to both ends of the suture is called double-armed
needles that need to be threaded are called closed-eyed or free needles
chromic suture comes in a __________ package beige or tan package
silk comes in _____________ package baby blue
absorable suture lasts for 21 days at 50% tensile strength vicryl
Polyethylene Terephthalate Ethibond and color of package is?
needles come in three different points and they are cutting taper or blunt
several filaments or suture stands braided together is called multifilament
Created by: judy mundhenk