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Diabetes study notes

Type 1 Diabetes little to no insulin is produced
Type 2 Diabetes insulin resistance and/or insulin shortage
Glucose sugar: basic fuel for cells
Insulin the "key". helps regulate the amount of glucose in the blood
Normal Blood Glucose level 70-120 mg/dL
Hypoglycemia- Onset Suddenly (minutes to hours)
Hyperglycemia- Onset Gradual (hours to days)
Hypoglycemia - Signs & Symptoms Early Signs: sweating, INCREASED heart rate, pale color, nervousness Late Signs: AMS, cool, clammy skin, seizures, coma
Hyperglycemia- Signs & Symptoms AMS, rapid deep breathing (kussmaul respirations) fruity breath, thirst, hot, dry skin, INCREASED heart rate, normal or slightly decreased BP, nausea/vomiting
Reasons for Hypoglycemia -pt takes too much insulin -has not eaten enough food -overexercised and burned off too much sugar -significant emotional or physical stress
Reasons for Hyperglycemia -did not take insulin or took incorrect dose -eaten too much sugary foods -lost large amount of fluid (i.e. vomiting)
Created by: lauellto