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Review of Earth


What is a Producer? A producer is a organism that uses energy from the sun or other chemical reactions to make its own food.
What is a Omnivore? An animal that feeds on other animals and plants
What is a Scavenger? Organisms that feed on dead animals
What is a Decomposer? An organism that breaks down dead organisms, animal droppings, leaves, and waste produced by living things
What are Photosynthetic plants? Are plants and algae that provide almost all the energy in their ecosystem
Which level of the ecosystem has the most energy? producer
All ecosystem or biomes that what? Have organisms that fill similar ecological roles
what is Phytoplankton? live in fresh or salt water and produce their own food
What is A abiotic factor? a nonliving part of the ecosystem
What is a biotic factor? a living part of the ecosystem
Fewer organisms live were and why? in the poler tundra because not as many organisms are specialized in the cold
What is a constant source of energy? The sun and its renewable
What does plastic come from? oil
If a object is more dense will it sink or float? sink
If an object is less dense will it sink or float? float
How does sound travel? By vibrating air molecules and its a energy
What does friction produce? heat like rubbing hands together
does air causes friction? yes it does and air resistance
Why do shooting stars burn in are atmosphere? because of friction
What are the three types of transfer? conduction, radiation,and convection
What is Conduction? The transfer of thermal energy by collisions between particles and matter
What is Radiation? Transfer of thermal energy by electromagnetic waves
What is convection? The transfer of thermal energy by the movement of matter form one place to another
What are air currents driver by? By the sun
What is swiched in air currents? the cool ocean air is swiched with the hot land air that heats up quickly
Are ultra violet rays harmful when the pass through the clouds? Yes
Does are California currents keep are state cool yes
Were does are warm air come from? The equator
Were does are cool dry air come from? The poles
What does the Lithosphere contain? Earth Plate Tectonics
Were does earthquakes occurs? along plate boundries
San Andreas occurs were? along the border of oceanic+ continental plates
What is the Richter Scale used for? to measure the strength of earthquakes
What does lithification do? it turns sediment into rocks
What is the process of lithification? Decomposed - Compacted - Cemented
What is uniformitarianism? the idea that Earth process that are at work today and been at work in earths past
What is superposition? the teory that the undisturbed layers of rock have the oldest layer on the bottom and the youngest layers on top
Evidence to how envirements have decayed can be foced by? Comparing many fossils from sedimantary layers
When continents have drifted what do animals have to deal with? climate change
Photosghthesis by bactcria cause what? Oxegen to increase in the a of early earth
Created by: 200088479