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FON Ch 38

Abscess localized infection consisting of an accumulation of pus
Adhesion fibrous band that holds parts together that are normally separated
Adipose fatty, composed of fat cells
Approximation degree of closure of a wound
Approximate to close together, as in wound healing
Binder support bandage that wraps around the breasts or abdomen
Cellulitis spreading inflamation of the deep subcutaneous tissues and sometimes muscule
Collagen fibrous structural protein of all connective tissue
Debridement removal of foreign or unhealthy tissue from a wound
Erythema redness of the skin ~ occurs with any skin injury, infection, or inflammation
Eschar slough produced by a thermal burn, corrosive material, or gangrene
Exudates fluid in or on tissue surfaces that has escaped from blood vessels in response to inflammation
Fibrin insoluble protein essential to clotting
First intentions a type of wound healing for wounds with little tissue loss, such as a surgical incision
Fistula an abnormal, tubelike passage within the body tissue
granulation tissue connectie tissue with multiple small blood vessels
hemostasis Arrest of the escape of blood by either natural or artifical means
immunocompromised with poorly functioning immune systems
integument the skin covering the body
keloid permanent raised, enlarged scar
laceration a torn, ragged or mangled wound
lysis breakdown, disintegration: also reductionor abatement
maceration the softening of tissue that increases the chance of trauma or infection
macrophages any of the mononuclear phagocytes found in tissues
necrosis local death of tissue from disease or injury
Phagocytosis the engulfing of microorganisms or foregin particles by phagocytes
platelet aggregation clumping of platelets during wound healing
purulent containing pus
sanguineous bloody
sinus a canal or passageway leading to an abscess
sloughing when a layer of dead tissue separates from living tissue
suppuration the formation of pus
third intention a type of wound healing; delayed or secondary closure
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