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latin review class 8

3rd declesion and adjectives

Aetas,Aestem Summer
Arbor,Arborem Tree
Clamor,Clamorem shout,shouting
Fragor,Fragorem Crash,Noise,Din
Princeps, Principem Emperor
Urbs,Urbem City
Alter, Altera the second, the other
Calidus, Calida Warm
Ignavus,Ignava Cowardly,lazy
Infirmus,Infirma Weak,Shaky
Iratus,Irata Angry
Magnus,Magna Big,Great,Loud
Meus,Mea My
Molestus,Molesta Troublesome, Annoying
Perterritus, Perterrita Frightened,Terrified
Salvus,Salva Safe
Sollicitus,Sollicita Anxious,Worried
Srrenuus,Strenua Active, Energetic
Temerarius, Temeraria Rash, reckless, bold
Vicinus, Vicina Neighboring
Created by: cmsarria12