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Latin Review

Lana Wool
Piscina Fishpond
Status Statue
Nuntius Messenger
Fragor Crash,noise
Princeps Emperor
Vox Voice
Alter The second, the other
Calidus Warm
Ignavus Cowardly
Infirmus Weak
Perterritus Frightened
Salvus Safe
Temerarius Rash, reckless, bold
Vicinus Neighboring
Eius His, her
Eos Them
Sum Him
Adiuvat To help
Curat To look after
Errat To wander
Purgat To clean
Vexat To annoy
Docet To teach
Lucet It is day
Ridet To laugh, smile
Cadit To fall
Consulit To consult
Legit To read
Petit To look for
Tradit To hand over
Arripit To grab
Excipit To welcome
Advenit To reach
Venit To come
Nolit To be unwilling
Potest To be Able
Adhuc Still
Etiam Also, even
Furtim Stealthily
Ibi There
Lente Slowly
Mox Soon
Nondum Not yet
Non iam No longer
Nunc Now
Semper Always
Strenue Strenuously
Tamen However
Tandem At last
Tum At that moment
Igitur Therefore
Neque And....not
Neque...neque Neither....nor
Si If
Quo Where...to?
Quod Whom...?
Created by: Cmsap