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Proficiency word

lana, lanam wool
aestas, aestatem, summer
clamor, clamorem, shout, shouting,
fragor, fraforem crash, noise
ignavus, ignava cowardly, lazy
ingirmus, inferma weak, shaky
occupatus, occupata busy
salvus, salva safe
temeratius, temeraria rash, reckless, bold
eius his, her
eum him
te you
cadit, cadunt:cadere to fall
coquit, coquunt, coquere to cook
potest, potessunt:posse to be able, (he/she/it) can
adhuc still
furtim stealthily
ibi there
lente slowly
nondum not yet
nunc now
quoque also
tamen however, nevertheless
tandem atlast, atlength
tum at that moment, then
dum while, as long as
neque and...not
Qualis...? What sort of...?
Quos...? Whom...?
Abi, moleste! Go away, pest!
Abite, molesti! Go away, pests!
Aestate in the summer
Fer/Ferte auxilium! Bring help! Help!
in eadem villa in the same country house
omnia quae everything that
frons, frontis forehead
alii...alii some...others
Cornelianus, Corneliana Belonging to Cornelius
celo, celare to hide
festino, festinare to hurry
sto, stare to stand
soleo, solere to be accustomed (to), be in the habit of
teneo, tenere to hold
induo, induere to put on
inuro, inuere to brand
mitto, mittere to send
promitto to promise
nescio, nescire to be ignorant, not to know
abeo, abire to go away
eam her, it
deinde then, next
interea meanwhile
iterum again, a second time
simul together,at the same time
Quibuscum...? With whom...?
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