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Ecce Romani VIII-XII

Littera, -ae Letter (Of the alphabet)
Vilicus -i Overseer
Frons, frontis Forehead
Uxor, Uxoris Wife
Alii Some...others
Nullus, Nulla No, none
Suus, Sua His, her, its, their
Celo, Celare To hide
Convoco, Convocare To call together
Festino, -are To hurry
Intro, -are To enter, go into
Sto, stare To stand
Tempto, -are To try
Soleo, -ere To be accustomed to
Discedo, -ere To go away
Induo, -ere To put on
Inuro, Inurere To brand
Promitto, -ere To promise
Impedio, -ire To hinder, prevent
Invenio, -ire To find
Nescio, -ire To be ignorant
Abeo, Abire To go away
Fero, Ferre To bring, carry
Eam Her, it
Deinde Then, Next
Interea Meanwhile
Quando..? When..?
Quibuscum..? With whom..?
Quo instrumento..? With what instrument..?
Quocum..? With whom..?
Quomodo..? By what..?
Unde..? From where..?
Complexu In an embrace
Eo Ipse Tempore At that very moment
Gerere Solunt They are accustomed to wearing
Id quod That which, what
Mecum With me
Sedentes Sitting
Servus quidam A certain slave
Tempus est It is time
Tribus diebus In three days
Created by: cmsarriac