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adiuvat, adiuvant, adiuvare to help
appropinquat, appropinquant, appropinquare to approach
curat, curant, curare to look after, take care of
errat, errant, errare to wander
observat, observant, observare to watch
parat, parant, parare to prepare, get ready
purgat, purgant, purgare to clean
revocat, revocant, revocare to recall, call back
vexat, vexant, vexare to annoy
docet, docent, docere to teach
lucet, lucere it is light, it is day
ridet, rident, ridere to laugh, smile
terret, terrent, terrere to frighten, terrify
timet, timent, timere to fear, be afraid (to/of)
videt, vident, videre to see
cadit, cadunt, cadere to fall
currit, currunt, currere to run
ducit, ducunt, ducere to lead, take, bring
gemit, gemunt, gemere to groan
petit, petunt, petere to look for, seek
surgit, surgunt, surgere to get up, rise
tradit,, tradunt, tradere to hand over
arripit, arripiunt, arripere to grab hold of, snatch
conspicit, conspiciunt, conspicere to catch sight of
excipit, excipiunt, excipere to welcome
facit, faciunt, facere to make, do
advenit, adveniunt, advenire to reach, arrive (at)
venit, veniunt, venire to come
est, sunt, esse to be
inquit he/she says
it, eunt, ire to go
exit, exeunt, exire to go out
redit, redeunt, redire to return
nolit, nolunt, nolle to be unwilling, not to wish
potest, possunt, posse to be able, (he/she/it/they) can
vult, volunt, velle to wish, want, be willing
Created by: cmstullia