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LS2 Vocab

Vocab for LS 2 Quiz

A device that measures time using shadows cast by an object that blocks the sunlight. Sundial
The object on a sundial blocking direct light from the sun & casting a shadow. gnomon
A line through the center of a body and which the body rotates or spins. Axis
The amount of time it takes a body to spine on its axis. Day
Bouncing back light from a surface. Reflection
Bounced back off a surface. Reflected
The illuminated part of the moon visible from earth at a given time. Phase of the moon.
The path that a solar system object takes while going around another solar system object. Orbit
The line at which the sky & earth appear to meet. (Like a sunset on a lake.) Horizon
The line at which the sky & moon appear to meet. Lunar horizon
A unit of measurement with 4 angles. ??? Degree
The blacking of light from 1 object in space by another object in space. Eclipse
When the moon passes between the sun & earth, so that light from the sun is partially or totally blocked. Solar Eclipse.
When the moon passes through the earth's shadow so that some or all of the moon can only be seen by reflected light from Earth. Lunar Eclipse.
The complete blocking of light from 1 object in space by another object in space seen from a particular location. Total Eclipse.
The blocking of a percent of light from one object in space by another object in space. Partial Eclipse.
The dark inner shadow cast by an object. Umbra (THINK OF AN UMBRELLA!)
The lighter outer shadow cast by an object. Pneumbra
A change in which 1 or more lower mass elements produces a higher mass element w/a release of __________?? amounts of energy. Fusion Reaction
Outer portion at the suns' atmosphere consisting of super heated gases. ???? Corona
The raise & fall of the surface level of a body of water due 2 the tide moving & ________gravatational pull. ???? Tide
The time for a certain location when the tide is at its highest point. High Tide.
The time for a certain location when the tide is at its lower point. Low Tide.
A model or set of ideas used toe explain why things occur or have occurred. Theory.
Created by: Alex Jackson