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final exam nouns

amica/amicam friend
ancilla/ aepistula/ slave-woman
aqua/ aquam water
epistula/ epistulam letter
femina/ feminam woman
Italia/ Italiam Italy
lana/ lanam wool
pictura/ picturam picture
piscina/ piscinam fishpond
puella/ puellam girl
Roma/ Romam Rome
silva/ silvam woods, forest
satua/ statuam statue
villa/ villam country house
villarustica/ villam rusticam country house and farm
ager/ agrum field
amicus/amicum friend
cibus/cibum food
hortus/ hortum garden
lupus/lupum wolf
molestus/ molestum pest
nuntius/ nuntium messenger
puer/puerum boy
ramus/ramum branch
rivus/ rivum stream
servus/ servum slave
vir/ virum man
aestas/ aestatem summer
arbor/arborem tree
clamor/clamoem shout,shouting
fragor/ fragorem crash, noise
mater/ matrem mother
pater/ patrem father
princeps/ principem emperor
senator/senatorem senator
urbs/ urbem city
vox/vocem vioce
alter/ altera the second, the other
Britannicus/ Britannica British
calidus/ calida warm
defessus/ defessa tired
frigidus/ frigida cool, cold
ignavus/ignava cowardly, lazy
infirmus/ infirma weak, shaky
iratus/ irata angry
laetus/ leata happy, glad
magnus/ magna big, great, loud
meus/ mea my
molestus/ molesta troublesome, annoying
multi/ multae many
occupatus/ aoccupata busy
perterritus/ perterrita frightened, terrified
Romanus/ Romama Roman
salvus/ salvs safe
sollicitus/ collicita anxious, worried
solus/ sola alone
atrenuus/ strenua active, energetic
temerarius/ temeraria rash, reckless, bold
vicinus/ vicina neighboring
Created by: ascalise